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Synopsis for "The Search for the City of Sasquatches"

The Hulk has woken up again to discover that Bruce Banner has brought him to a forest somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. To make matters worse he is being hunted by Kraven the Hunter. As the Hulk storms through the woods, Kraven recovers a bazooka he had hid in the bush and launches a rocket at the gamma-spawned monster. This rocket is loaded with a bear trap which snaps itself harmlessly on the Hulk's head, which serves only to anger him. However, before the Hulk can fight back, Kraven snares him in Adamantium fishing line tied to a hot air balloon. This incapacitates the Hulk so Kraven can get close enough to talk. He tells the Hulk that he had been tracking Banner for the past three days and is willing to help him find what he has been searching for if he can meet his price. He shows the Hulk the contents of a cage, which contains a real live Sasquatch. Kraven explains that Banner has been searching for the Hidden City of the Sasquatches. Kraven tells the Hulk that his price is to die an honorable death at the hands of the Spider-Man again so he can end his cursed life.

However, before this deal can be agreed upon, the sasquatch in the cave manages to break free. As Kraven kills the beast, he explains that nobody can find the Hidden City, unless they have a guide. The Hulk finally breaks free and tells Kraven that he doesn't care what Banner wants, but promises that he will make sure that he dies by the end of the day. Suddenly, they are swarmed by a horde of sasquatch. While the creatures swarm the Hulk, Kraven uses this as an opportunity to escape. The Hulk tries to explain that he wasn't responsible for the murder of their fellow sasquatch, he is incapacitated by Skunk Ape breath. He is bound and dragged into the Lost City. He is questioned by the elder sasquatch but the Hulk insists that he had nothing to do with the murder. Once they arrive in the city, the lead sasquatch tells the Hulk to relish the sight as it is the last one he is apt to see. He explains that once a year all the various species generally known as bigfoot congregate once a year in the Hidden City to worship, breed, and occasionally punish those that have wronged them.

Meanwhile, Kraven kills a Wendigo and skins it so he can try and sneak into the Hidden City. This disguise works well enough to distract the guards long enough for Kraven to kill them. While inside the city, the Hulk is found guilty and sentenced to death. However, he has regained his strength enough to break free. As he fights off the various beasts, Kraven makes his presence known by holding a young cub hostage. The elder begs the Hulk to help save the cub, while Kraven tells him to get whatever he came for so they can work together. However, the Hulk has had enough and decides their business is over and leaps away. As the Hulk leaps away deciding the best way to thwart Banner's plans by staying angry all the time. But, he can't bring himself to leave the sasquatch and their brethren at the mercy of Kraven the Hunter and so he heads back and easily trounces the master hunter. Much to his surprise, the beasts begin bowing to him, calling the Hulk the king of the forest. Feeling himself calming down, the Hulk tries to escape but he is too weak. As he feels the change coming on, he tells the sasquatch not to give anything to the man he turns into.

When the Hulk returns again he realizes that Banner got what he wanted and that he has lost. Scanning his surroundings, he finds himself locked up in a high tech cell.

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• Banner continues to torment the Hulk as the STAY ANGRY arc continues! • A lost city of Sasquatches! • Featuring the world’s deadliest hunter, Kraven!


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