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S.H.I.E.L.D. has dispatched Wolverine and the Thing to Antartica. When they arrive in, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent informs them that they are to enter the God Complex. A facility that was built by the League of Nations built the facility over 100 years ago with salvaged technology from a crashed alien ship. It was used to contain alien invaders and other threats to the world. The reason for their mission is because security footage has detected Bruce Banner had broken into the facility for some unknown reason. Finishing his briefing, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent asks if there are more Avengers coming, Wolverine tells him that when there is a Hulk problem he and the Thing are all the Avengers they need. When they reach the opening into the God Complex, the Thing asks if they should give Banner the benefit of the doubt. Wolverine glares at him. The Thing is glad because he is itching to clobber the Hulk.

Down below the Hulk has awoken to find himself trapped in a cell. However, this time he tries to remain calm, knowing that Banner wants him to be here as part of his plan. Unfortunately, Banner has thought of this already and has prepared a small insect-like device hat crawls up his neck and injects him with a chemical and that's the last conscious though he has. Not far away, the Thing and Wolverine bicker over who leads the way and who is a better opponent against the Hulk. When they reach the bottom of the facility, the Hulk rips through the main door in a fury, convincing the Thing to let Wolverine go first. The two heroes lash into the Hulk asking him what he wants this time. Although they outnumber him, the Hulk easily overpowers his attackers, telling them that he wants Banner. He stabs Wolverine in the face with his own claws and smashes the Thing into a wall, demanding that they tell him what Banner is after. When the Thing gets up off the floor he watches as the Hulk crushes some bricks that broke free from his face in the struggle. When the two heroes recover, they plow into the Hulk again, the force of the rush smashes them through various cells containing aliens and robots.

Once they stop for a breather, the Hulk tells Wolverine and the Thing that they need to help him stop Banner. Before he can explain himself further, the device on his neck injects him again. As his rage gets the better of him again, the Hulk begins fighting again. As he lashes into Logan and Ben, he thinks about all the places that Banner has brought him and what his goals are. That's when he becomes aware of the thing on his neck again and tries to convince Wolverine to cut it off. However, he is not willing to listen. The two continue their attack and the Hulk ultimately beats them into submission and then leaps out of the facility to the frozen wasteland above. Exhausted after his ordeal, the Hulk wanders off in the snow, slowly changing back into Bruce Banner. When Wolverine and the Thing recover, they go outside and find the Hulk's tracks and blood trail. Seeing that the Hulk returned to human form the pair believe that he is likely has died in the cold. They then agree not to talk about how the Hulk beat them both so easily and return home. No sooner are they gone do some of the aliens that have been imprisoned within the God Complex for years come to the surface. After considering the possibility of freedom, they decide to return to their prison as it is mincemeat pie for dinner that evening.

The Hulk comes around again confined to a chair before a video recording of Bruce Banner. Banner explains that he manipulated the Hulk into getting all of the items he sought to create a special brew which he then fomented inside the Hulk's body. As such, in revenge for hijacking his body and forcing him to take the full brunt of a gamma bomb blast, Banner explains that he has finally created a cure for the Hulk.

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• The conclusion of STAY ANGRY! What devious plan has Banner been up to? REVEALED HERE!!!!


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