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Quote1.png The master will return to us. This we all know to be true. Until then, we carry on in his name. Open the armory! Arm every Doom! And rouse our man-beast army from their scientific slumber! We have blood to spill! Hulk Blood! In the the name our holy master. The one true Doom! DOOM Though maybe we should check the phone line one more time... just to make sure that he hasn't called... Quote2.png
-- Doombots

Appearing in "Hulk: United, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Hulk: United, Part 2"

Seeking a means of destroying the Hulk, a Doombot has sought out the aid of Brain Damage Inc. to do the job. After a consultation, two representatives for this organization they should use the Vegetable. They send some of their security guards to collect the Vegetable from his hospital room and deploy him in an airplane. When the men begin discussing prices, the Doombot warns them that they will die bloody deaths if they fail in this mission. The Doombot returns to a secret base in the African Serengeti where they are preparing to create an army of gamma irradiated animals as an army for when their master returns to Earth.

In Antarctica, Amanda von Doom tells the Hulk that they have a problem as Bruce Banner has been seen alive over the past few days and therefore, the Hulk lied about killing him. The Hulk doesn't care about their problems but when he tries to walk away he is incapacitated by BRAIN. When Amanda threatens to kill him, the Hulk quickly pulls free from BRAIN and disarms her. This convinces Amanda that perhaps talking is the best course of action. She quickly realizes that Banner and the Hulk have somehow been merged again. Before she can call for back up, the Hulk tells her that the signal has been jammed and she would be wasting her time. He then asks for her to help him complete his mission, kill Doctor Doom.

Deciding to help the Hulk out, Amanda invites him back to her ship, which he discovers that is being piloted by the monkey he hates. She then reveals that she has something that can help the Hulk on his mission: a Doombot they caught sneaking around the island that Banner used to create his gamma irradiated mutates. While back at their hideout, the Doombots have been learning everything from their captured comrade. When they confirm that their master is still missing, one of the Doombots asks if their master has simply forgotten about them and that they are wasting their time. The other Doombots respond to this blasphemy by incinerating it. The lead Doombot tells them that they will carry on the will of their creator until his return, and that includes killing the Hulk.

Back aboard the Mad Squad's ship, Amanda sees the Hulk examining the file of a cure for himself. When she asks if it is for him, he tells her that it is for someone else. She kisses him and tells the Hulk but warns him that if he kills Doctor Doom before she can, she will castrate him with a chainsaw. They soon come smashing into the Doombot base, catching the Doombots off guard. As the Hulk and the Mad Squad lash into their foes, the Vegetable is deployed. He uses his powers to invade the Hulk's mind. Inside the Hulk and Banner personalities agree to take a two pronged defense against his foes. While Banner goes to stop the Vegetable inside his mind, the Hulk battles the Doombots in the real world. Things take a turn for the worst when the Doombots unleash their army of gamma irradiated animals.

Solicit Synopsis

• HULK: UNITED continues

• Hulk wants a piece of Doom but first he’s got to get through the Mad Squad!


Continuity Notes

  • The Doombots mention that Doctor Doom was found off-world. They are referring to the events of FF #14 when Doctor Doom was seemingly slain trying to save the Universe from the Celestials. He is revealed to be alive in FF #18.

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