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Synopsis for "Hulk: Asunder, Part Three"

The Hulk doesn't remember exactly when he was born. He suspects that it was when he was first being abused by his father. However, it wasn't until the gamma bomb explosion that first created him. Since then, the Hulk has only had fleeting moments of freedom thanks to Banner. No matter how hard he tried to bury Banner, his alter-ego still managed to find a way out. Still, while he doesn't remember when he was born, the Hulk has a fond member of when it happened a second time...

Weeks Ago

The Hulk awakens in a lab after surgery and realizes that the surgery to remove Bruce Banner from his body was a complete success. The Hulk is congratulated on his newfound freedom by his mysterious ally. As the Hulk looks at the sleeping body of Bruce Banner, he is asked what he is planning on doing next.


The Hulk has returned to Subterranea to rejoin the tribe of Moloids that he has befriended since being separated from the Hulk. He enjoys the quiet tranquility of this domain, but this silence is suddenly interrupted by the screams of the Moloids he has charged himself with protecting. When he arrives in the village, he finds that the Moloids were attacked by a pair of monsters that took their children. The elder of the village tells the Hulk that these two creatures were looking for him. Elsewhere not far away, the gamma-irradiated bores known as 26 and 27 try to keep the Moloid children calm, telling them that they will come to love their creator and his island.

Suddenly, the Hulk emerges from a nearby lava pool and confronts the two boars. They warn him that they are the strongest creatures Banner has made and they will kill him to earn the praise of their father. The Hulk is unimpressed with these boasts and hits one of the boars so hard he goes smashing through to the surface and slams into the side of a mountain. The Hulk then begins pounding on the other boar until his brother returns and tries to flatten the Hulk with a massive rock. The trio fight to a stand still. Having become fed up with dealing with these creatures, he wonders why his former alter-ego can't leave well enough alone and smashes the ground. This causes it to crack open sending 26 and 27 falling into a deep chasm. Before disappearing one of the creatures warns the Hulk that the creations of Bruce Banner are loyal to him and will not rest until he is destroyed.

Returning to the Moloids he tells them to leave and never come back. After they have departed, the Hulk thinks it was crazy for him to think that he could have ever been free as long as Bruce Banner is still alive. On the surface, Commander Amanda von Doom is piloting the Mad Squad's vessel toward the island where Bruce Banner has been conducting his inhuman experiments. They are suddenly joined by the Hulk who tells them that he will accept their request for aid but on one condition: Banner is his. While on his island, Bruce Banner is informed by one of his hyper-intelligent apes who tells him that 26 and 27 are missing. Banner is furious, but his attention is drawn to the intruder alarm. On the beach, a mechanical probe arrives from see but Banner blasts it. With his army of gamma mutates, Banner decides to show his foes how sane he really is. Meanwhile, deep below the Earth's surface, 26 and 27 have survived the fall but are gravely wounded. Blind and unable to see each other, the two mutated boars call out to each other,but can't figure out where they are.

Solicit Synopsis

-Bruce Banner’s beasts “The Boar Brothers” bash Hulk in a literally Earth-Shaking Battle!

-Banner reveals his new army!

-Hulk makes an alliance with mad scientist hunter Amanda Von Doom that changes his destiny forever.


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