Quote1 Punisher! Shoot me in the face! You gotta keep me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm not angry! Quote2
-- Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Appearing in "Stay Angry! (Part 1)"

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  • Atlantean female (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Stay Angry! (Part 1)"

Suddenly transforming, the Hulk finds himself in a strange hotel place with no memory of where he has been. On the bed there is a briefcase full of money and the sound of something barking outside the door. Just as he realizes that Banner was responsible for this, the door breaks down and a bunch of feral men with sharp teeth come charging into the room. He is furious to learn that Banner is still alive even after he seen him die. The mind of Banner wonders if getting caught in the gamma bomb blast merged the two of them back together. After fighting off his attackers, the Hulk learns that he is in Mexico. He tries to question one of the men who attacked him in the hopes that he can learn why he is here, but the man only barks like a dog. The Hulk shoves him into a nearby car and recognizes the man driving it as he gets out. It is the vigilante known as the Punisher. The Hulk is happy to see the Punisher as he believes that he can help him solve this mystery. As the feral men try to attack them again, the Punisher begins gunning them down. The Hulk asks who these men are and what connection they might have with his alter-ego. With the men all dead, the Hulk understands that the Punisher doesn't like working with someone like him, but he appeals to his military training by telling Castle that he is a tank and all he needs to do is point him in the direction of whatever he wants to be crushed.

Later, the pair are smashing up a bar. As the Hulk deals with the most of the thugs, the Punish shoots their leader in the leg a number of times until he offers to give up the location of a drug dealer who calls himself the Pit Bull. A drug dealer who was either a dog turned into a man, or a man turned into a dog, whatever the case may be, he is one of the most notorious drug pushers in Mexico. He learns that Pit Bull is looking for a chemist that cooked him a bad batch of product and is heading up this way from Chiapas. Getting what he needs to know, the Punisher shoots the snitch in the head. The Punisher then takes a car and he and the Hulk head off to intercept Pit Bull. Not far away, Pit Bull has his men attach the chemist to a collar on a chain and intend to drag him to his death for creating the lethal batch of drugs. The man is dragged to his death while Pit Bull shrieks about his dominance over the region. While at a gas station, the Punisher has to fuel up the car he had stolen. Meanwhile, the Hulk feels like he is about to change back into Bruce Banner. Needing to stay angry, the Hulk orders Frank to shoot him in the face. The Punisher obliges, emptying an entire clip in the Hulk's face. This angers him sufficiently to prevent a reversion back to his human form.

Soon they catch up to Pit Bulls mobile drug lab and smash the trucks. Spoiling for a fight, Pit Bull rams his car into the Hulk, sending both flying into the back trailer of his lab. The Hulk demands to know what Bruce Banner wanted with Pit Bull. Pit Bull is furious as Banner reneged on his deal, two million for one of Pit Bull's fingers. Pit Bull then fires a number of darts into his face containing enough heroin to star another reversion into Bruce Banner. Quick thinking, the Hulk grabs the chain in the trailer as well as Pit Bull and leaps off the truck so they can both be dragged so the Hulk can remain angry. Now knowing what Banner was after, the Hulk leaves the Punisher to clean the rest of the mess up and heads to a storage facility where Pit Bull told him the finger was stored. Ripping the door off the hinges, the Hulk recovers a cooler full of ice that is preserving the severed finger. No soon as he has done this, the room fills up with a gas that knocks the Hulk out.

When the Hulk transforms again, he finds himself shackled to a table just after someone has implanted something in his chest. The woman responsible for this impromptu surgery -- an Atlantean -- begs the Hulk to not get angry. It's then that he realizes that he is at the bottom of the sea.

Solicit Synopsis

• In order to stay himself, Hulk must STAY ANGRY! • How does one stay angry? How about going up against THE PUNISHER? • And if that isn’t enough, the Green Goliath can always take on a murderous drug cartel!


Continuity Notes

Publication Notes

  • What the Hulk told Punisher was a reversal of what Banner warns others in some media, "Don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry".

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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