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Arcturus Rann

Appearing in "Dark Son (Book One)"

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  • Endeavor III

Synopsis for "Dark Son (Book One)"

The Enigma Force have just crossed over out of the Microverse, appearing out front of the Vault. Their mission is to locate the planet K'ai, eliminate Hiro-Kala, and return that world to the Microverse. However, they discovered life signs on a piece of debris from the planet. Teleporting them aboard the Endeavor III, Arcturus Rann, Marionette, and Carl discover the K'aitian Princess Jentorra and one of the Psyklop hive mind. As the three heroes try to battle the creature, Rann orders the Endeavour's computers to tell them how to kill the creature. The only thing the computer can advise is not to look the creature in the eye. With the battle going poorly, Rann then tells the computer to bring someone who can help them fight this foe. Just then Marionette makes the mistake of looking into the Psyklop's eye. This causes everyone on the ship to be flooded with memories that evoke fear. Arcturus Rann sees a dreadful moment of his past. For Jentorra they see the devastation caused by Hiro-Kala to the planet K'ai. For Marionette it is her fear of Rann leaving her for another woman. They also see images of the Hulk and Jarella, K'ai former ruler. In order to stop this flood of memories, Arcturus blasts the Psyklop through the eye.

However, the Psyklop quickly recovers and tries to attack again. That's when Carl comes rocketing through and smashes the Psyklop outside of the ship. While the others try to restabilize the ship, Carl is assisted by Bug, who has answered the Endeavor's call for help. He strikes the Psyklop so hard he knocks it out. Bug is welcomed back by Marionette and Rann, and when he jokes about having a moment of intimacy with Mari, she tells him that she and Arcturus are no longer together. Bug remarks at how much has changed when he left and then joins them aboard the ship. As repairs are being made to the ship, Rann fears that the seed of distrust has been sowed within his crew. When he checks on Jentorra, Mari questions why they are letting her stay as she believes the K'aitian woman is a liability. Marionette is also not impressed when Jentorra begs Rann to help save her world, and he hugs her and assures that he will ensure nothing happens to her.

Meanwhile, somewhere in space, the planet K'ai continues on its course toward Earth. On the surface, Hiro-Kala senses Arcturus Rann and his allies are following him and is determined to destroy them. When his advisor asks if he will use the Enigma Force to destroy them, Hiro-Kala decides that he won't and casts the power away to also ensure that they won't use his power against him either. Back aboard the Endeavor, Carl locks the Psyklop in a cell before he is called up to the bridge. So is Jentorra, but before she leaves her quarters, she checks Rann's records and learns that he is separated from his wife. Liking this, Jentorra unzips the front of her shirt so she shows off more cleavage. Later, Rann is looking out a window of his ship, he thinks about how his past is coming back to haunt him. Suddenly, Mari picks up Hiro-Kala's energy signature and they believe that he has come to finish them off. However, this is actually the Enigma Force power that he had relinquished.

Suddenly, the power passes through the ship, and strikes the Fault, cutting Arcturus Rann off from the Enigma Force. With the ship's systems coming back to order, Carl goes to check on the Psyklop. Rann then tells his allies that they should leave while he completes his mission alone, however, Mari and Bug refuse to abandon their friend. Rann decides that they need the Psyklop is their only means of catching up with K'ai. Marionette refuses to let him do it, but Bug convinces her to listen. Rann explains that the Psyklop can generate the same kind of solar energy that the Endeavor is powered on. They go down to the prisoner hold where Rann corners the creature, he reminds it of what he did on K'ai thousands of years ago and tells it, like it or not, the Psyklop is part of their team.

Appearing in "Legends of the Microverse"

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Synopsis for "Legends of the Microverse"

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Legends of the Microverse

  • This history of the Microverse omits any mention of the events of Micronauts Vol 1 due to the fact that Marvel Comics no longer has the licensing rights to that property.

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