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Quote1.png He is coming. Commander Arcturus Rann. I took away his hopes. I stripped him of his powers. And still, he will not stop. He is coming to face me, not as the hero of the Microverse...but as a desperate man. And that makes him truly dangerous. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dark Son, Act Two"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

Races and Species:


  • K'ai
    • Isle of Assassins



  • Endeavor III

Synopsis for "Dark Son, Act Two"

Brought out of the Microverse, the Enigma Force seeks to track down the planet K'ai, liberate it from Hiro-Kala, and return it to its proper universe. However, their ship the Endeavor III has been incapacitated when Hiro-Kala cut off the Enigma Force. In order to reactivate their ship, Arcturus Rann convinces the evil Psyklop to join their cause so it can power their ship so they can continue on their quest. In order to do so, Arcturus Rann has to trust Psyklop enough to give him control of the ship. Marionette protests this, but they don't have much of a choice. They go ahead, but Mari protests and destroys the Bio-Ship's navigation computers putting their plan to a dead stop. Mari then argues with Jentorra over her interest with Arcturus. Meanwhile, Rann fights Enigma Force withdrawal as he convinces Carl to use his systems to replace the ship's navigation.

As the women continue to fight, the connection between Carl and the Psyklop is made unlocking the Death's Head unit's long lost memories. Rann fears that his dark secret might be revealed. However, the ship comes to life and continues on its course. This suddenly revelation causes the two women to stop fighting. Marionette is not impressed that Rann managed to pull off the impossible again. Meanwhile, Bug fears that the connection between Carl and the Psyklop will destroy their ally, this leads to a clash between the two men. Meanwhile, Carl's lost databanks get unlocked and remember that he was part of an army of Death's Head units that were used by Arcturus Rann to wipe out the planet K'ai thousands of years ago because they were hiding a weapon that threatens Homeworld. By this point, Rann and Bug have stopped fighting. The insectoid tells Rann that they have all been tainted by Psyklop's mind link and that they need to act like a family, not soldiers. When he pleads to Arcturus to sever the link between Carl and Psyklop before it destroys them both, but Rann refuses.

Meanwhile, on the planet K'ai, Lord Visis has returned to the Isle of Assassins to gather an army to go to war against Hiro-Kala and retake the planet. Having spent years in exile thanks to the Hulk, and has been spending those years learning the arcane ways of war and will be satisfied dealing with the son of Hulk. When he leaps at Hiro-Kala, the invader uses his Old Power to incapacitate his attacker. He then tells warriors that Visis had gathered and puts them under his control and orders them to murder everyone on the Island of Assassins. While back aboard the Endeavor, Jarella and Mari continue to trade barbs about their chosen destinies. They are interrupted by Bug who tells them to report to the war room. There Rann outlines that Hiro-Kala and his forces are preparing to attack the Isle of Assassins, and makes plans to attack them while they are distracted. With this course of action agreed upon, they take off toward the planet K'ai.

As Hiro-Kala leads his enslaved warriors to the Isle of Assassins, he suddenly detects that Arcturus Rann is coming. While aboard the Endeavor, Rann sets the ship to crash land on K'ai, severing Psyklop and Carl's connection to the ship. When Marionette asks why they don't just nuke Hiro-Kala from orbit. As they abandon ship, Rann explains that the ship will cause a massive explosion that will create a three-mile crater in the ocean. He hopes that Hiro-Kala will destroy it before it does so as he needs his armies. Rann tells his comrades that if he is going to destroy Hiro-Kala, he wants to do it with a minimal amount of casualties. The Enigma Force team free falls to the Isle of Assassins and begin fighting the forces of Hiro-Kala. Outnumbered and overpowered, the heroes fear the worst when suddenly the Hulk arrives on the planet.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and Arcturus and Jentorra fall through the ground. They soon find themselves trapped in an ancient telepathic archive. Having a moment alone the two give into their passions and begin kissing. However, Rann can only think about how he decimated the planet K'ai with an army of Death's Heads over one thousand years ago. He suddenly stops Jentorra, and tells her that he is not the hero of their world, but its executioner.

Appearing in "Origin of Microverse"

Synopsis for "Origin of Microverse"

Article which details the origins of the Microverse, it's various locations, and the planet K'ai.

Solicit Synopsis

THE ENIGMA FORCE are not the heroes we thought they were. Trapped on the planet conquered by THE INCREDIBLE HULK’S DARK SON, HIRO-KALA, these re-united protectors of THE MICROVERSE find themselves outgunned, out of their element...and out of their minds! Commander Rann’s dark, secret past is unleashed in a battle that could re-spark an ancient war, changing Rann from the hero of the Microverse...into the executioner of Jarella’s World! ACT II of “INCREDIBLE HULKS: ENIGMA FORCE”


Continuity Notes

  • Visis mentions how he was exiled from the kingdom of K'ai by the Hulk. That happened in Incredible Hulk #140.

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  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info. [1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:
    • Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force - Dark Son #1
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