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Quote1.png Heroism... It is a subjective term. You are aware...I too have made similar choices. I took the lives of millions, to poison the devourer of millions of worlds. I destroyed an innocent life, in order to prevent universal armageddon. Finally, you share my perspective. Press the button, Arcturus...and destroy K'ai for the second time. It's exactly what I would do. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dark Son, Act Three"

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Synopsis for "Dark Son, Act Three"

Trapped in a telepathic archive, Arcturus Rann confesses to Jentorra that he was responsible for the collapse of K'ai's society over a thousand years ago over fears that it had weapons capable of threatening Homeworld. He tries to explain himself, but Jentorra doesn't need any explanations, calling him a murderer she storms off.

Meanwhile, on the Isle of Assassins, the Hulk confronts his son Hiro-Kala. The tyrant child isn't impressed. While not far away, Marionette and Bug watch as Hiro-Kala's powers swirl around the Isle of Assassins in order to protect the hidden weapons protected for his use to destroy the Earth. At that moment, Jentorra finds something in the caverns that surprises her. While on the surface, Carl loses his hold on the Psyklop who tries to attack Hiro-Kala. It's at this point that Marionette realizes that Hiro-Kala has not been fighting the Hulk. Psyklop tries to blast Hiro-Kala but Lord Visis leaps to his side to deflect the blast with his swords. Visis then slashes the Psyklop's head open, causing the illusion of the Hulk to disappear. It's then that Marionette and Bug leap into the battle.

While below the planet, Arcturus Rann catches up with Jentorra and discovers that she found the doomsday weapon he attempted to destroy a thousand years ago. While this vindicates Rann's past deeds, it doesn't prevent him from doing what he has to do next. He then radios his allies and tells them to keep Hiro-Kala occupied as he found something that he can use to destroy the Son of Hulk. However, before he can activate the doomsday weapon, Jentorra stops him, not wanting anymore destruction to come to her world. It's then that Hiro-Kala realizes that Arcturus Rann is up to something and rips open the ground to the cavern below to see what he has discovered. Hiro-Kala is amused to see that Rann has activated the weapon, pointing out how the last time Arcturus attempted to stop him from again worked in the tyrant's favor. Jentorra is furious and slaps Rann across the face, but realizes that to stop Hiro-Kala they have to potentially destroy K'ai to do so. Marionette breaks into tears, realizing what her former husband has to do to be a hero and kisses him. Hiro-Kala scoffs at this, recounting how he made such sacrifices to save the universe and tells Rann to activate the weapon as it is something he would do.

Rann surprises everyone when he shuts down the weapon, refusing to destroy K'ai a second time he would rather find another way even if he fails so he can die with a clear conscience. Hiro-Kala laughs as Rann will fail and he uses his Old Power to collapse the cavern as he leaves the scene. On the surface, Hiro-Kala detects the approach of his father and flies off to meet him. Meanwhile, the Enigma Force have survived the collapse and begin trying to dig themselves out. With time running out, Rann decides to do something desperate and orders Carl to ram through the rock in the hopes of smashing them free. However, before he can, the massive green hand of the Hulk begins to dig them out. The Hulk informs them that Hiro-Kala has been defeated and tells the Enigma Force to return to the Microverse. Arcturus Rann agrees to do so, but he also becomes determined to access the hidden archives of K'ai and help rebuild the planet and restore the damage he done thousands of years ago. Before they begin, Bug asks to be returned to Knowhere so he can rejoin the Guardians of the Galaxy. After Jentorra teleports Bug back to his comrades in the Guardians, the remaining members of Enigma Force get down to work.

Solicit Synopsis

An INCREDIBLE HULKS – DARK SON TIE-IN! THE ENIGMA FORCE are dead. Long live the Enigma Force. Their MICROVERSE powers are gone, their trust betrayed, and their friendships shattered. Now they have no choice but to face a dark secret on Jarella‘s World, in a devastating moment of truth. But in order to help the INCREDIBLE HULKS succeed against the sinister powers of the DARK SON OF HULK, they may be forced to re-ignite an ancient interplanetary war! THE 3RD AND FINAL ACT of “INCREDIBLE HULKS: ENIGMA FORCE”.


Continuity Notes

  • Hiro-Kala reminds Visis how he was exiled from the kingdom of K'ai by the Hulk. That happened in Incredible Hulk #140.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • This issue includes a map of Homeworld.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info. [1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:
    • Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force - Dark Son #1
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