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Information-silk.png Official Team Name
Hulk Family
Information-silk.png Editorial Names
Information-silk.png Team Aliases
Hulks, Hulk's clan
Information-silk.png Status
Information-silk.png Identity
Information-silk.png Universe
Information-silk.png Base of Operations
Mobile; Formerly Gammaworld and Stone Ship
Information-silk.png Team Leader(s)
Information-silk.png Allies
Amadeus Cho, Colonel Glenn Talbot, Hiroim the Oldstrong, Queen Jarella, Doc Samson (Leonard Samson), Harpy (Marlo Chandler-Jones), Monica Rappaccini, Rebecca Banner, Dr. Sofia Di Cosimo, Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Red Hulk (General Thunderbolt Ross), Warbound
Information-silk.png Enemies
Chaos King (Amatsu-Mikaboshi), Armageddon, Bi-Beast, Devil Hulk (Brian Banner), Abomination (Emil Blonsky), Fin Fang Foom, Hiro-Kala, Wendigo (Luc Lemay), Miek, Tyrannus (Romulus Augustulus), Umar, War-Mind, Zom
Information-silk.png Origin
A team formed from some of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner's closest friends and loved ones transformed into Hulks or inheriting his DNA from birth.
Information-silk.png Place of Formation
Washington, DC


The Incredible Hulks is a team of gamma-powered superheroes led by the Hulk.[1]


Weapons: Skaar's sword

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