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Quote1.png That's when I realized what Jen brings to the table. What makes her an essential part of this family. She may be able to get by...even thrive in modern society. And she may be a clown, and a general pain in the butt. But when it comes down to it, Jen is a lawyer, a good lawyer. She looks for every angle, every truth, half-truth and lie before she makes a decision. While every other Hulk reacts first and thinks later, using blind anger as a guide... It's Jen who sees that not everything is black and white. Quote2.png
Bruce Banner

Appearing in "Undone"

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Synopsis for "Undone"

The Hulk questions Hiro-Kala's decision to mercilessly murder innocent children. Hiro-Kala responds by killing a nearby group. As he holds two more K'aians youth at his mercy, he tells his father that he knows that he had sent the She-Hulks to locate the source of his powers and that Skaar, Korg and A-Bomb are attempting to ignite the volcanoes that will send K'ai off its collision course with Earth and demands that he call them off. He states his firm believe that the Old Power must be destroyed, least it corrupt the universe itself. The Hulk stomps his foot on the ground, knocking Hiro-Kala off his feet, stating that unless he listens to his own father, then the only dead child will be him. Hiro-Kala responds with arcs of electricity, declaring that they are all dying today. The Hulk does his best to withstand the attack, as he advises Skaar over the radio to keep to the plan.

Meanwhile, countless brainwashed K'aians have been commanded by Hiro-Kala to jump into the lava created by Skaar's team. At the same time, Axeman Bone assists the She-Hulks against the War-Mind and leads them to the Worldmind of K'ai, the source of Hiro-Kala's powers, able to reverse the brainwashing.

Skaar uses the Old Power to embed himself in the earth, using it to save the K'aians, at the cost of his life. Hiro-Kala senses this and presents this as proof to his father that he was weak. The Hulk is able to overcome Hiro-Kala, and is close to crushing Hiro-Kala,s head, but instead hesitates, and transforms back into Banner. He uses an Old Power teaser on Hiro-Kala, breaking his concentration and unleashing the Old Power upon the planet. Hiro-Kala berates his father for his blindness, stating that the Old Power will kill them all. Banner insists that he stopping thinking that; Old Power is just like any other energy he can contain and it is not destined for anything. Just then, Skaar rises up from the ground.

Appearing in "She-Hulk: Judge of Character"

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Synopsis for "She-Hulk: Judge of Character"

Banner reflects on a previous adventure with She-Hulk. One day, as Hulks, they come upon a militia assaulting Armadillo. While the Hulk goes head-to-head with him, She-Hulk goes into town to investigate. She learns from one man that he heard of the Vill-Kill Korps, who pay for the location of superhumans and jumped at the offer. She-Hulk goes out onto the field to diffuse the situation.

She tells Armadillo that though he's a wanted felon and attempted reformee, he should stay in the village and help out; in return, she may one day represent him in court. She then turns to the Vill-Kill Korps, telling them to leave.

At the end of the flashback, Banner wonders about how observant his cousin is, looking at all parts of the picture, even as he is observing her and A-Bomb playing a prank on Korg.

Solicit Synopsis

From the day the HULK was born in nuclear fire, he's always insisted he just wants to be left alone. But for the past three years, Bruce Banner has taken the opposite path, forging deep new bonds and building a super-powered family of Incredible Hulks. Now the abiding wisdom or terrible folly of that course of action will be revealed as the Green Goliath leads the Incredible Hulks in the final battle to stop his insane son HIRO-KALA from destroying two planets. Today the DARK SON saga comes to a shocking conclusion -- and a Hulk will fall! PLUS: All-new backup stories featuring the Hulk’s gamma-powered allies!


Continuity Notes

Dark Son:

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  • She-Hulk recounts how Armadillo broke out of the Raft not long prior to this story. That happened in New Avengers #1. He had since briefly reformed as seen in Avengers: The Initiative #12, but had since returned to a life of crime.
  • When Armadillo curls up and rolls at the Hulk he calls this move the "Roadkill Slammer". He came up with this name during his short-lived career as a pro-wrestler in the Ultimate Fighting League in Thunderbolts #76.

Legacy Numbering

  • Based on the Marvel Legacy renumbering infographic, this issue is actually Incredible Hulk Vol 1 615. A different editorial count resulted in its publication as Incredible Hulks Vol 1 616.

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