Quote1 When are you morons finally going to realize...some people are meant to be alone. Quote2
-- Red She-Hulk

Appearing in "Conclusion: Fratricide"

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Synopsis for "Conclusion: Fratricide"

Planet K'ai is still on its collision course with Earth. And on the surface, K'aians are dying while Skaar and Hiro-Kala do battle. Banner is convinced to help the Worldmind cure all of the brainwashed K'aians. He does so by attaching his technology to the entity.

Meanwhile, the twin brothers still do battle. With the Old Power being used, they show each other old echoes of their past. Skaar tries teaching his twin that though they are monsters, their father can teach them to change. On cue, Banner teleports in. Hiro-Kala then uses the Old Power to show how when he destroyed a planet to poison Galactus, Caiera appeared before him and told him that what he did was brave. However, the Worldmind reveals that what happened was actually a figment of his imagination. Enraged, Hiro-Kala unleashes the full fury of his power. Skaar is forced to encase his body in stone, showing that he learned to control his powers, whereas his twin couldn't. Skaar then directs his father to K'ai close proximity to Earth. He calls A-Bomb and Korg to let loose the volcanoes, throwing K'ai off its axis and course, saving both worlds.

Banner then tells Skaar to get Hiro-Kala back to the stone ship, only to be refused. As the Worldmind explained, it tried three times to reform Hiro-Kala and three times he failed. Hiro-Kala is merged with the Worldmind to create a miniature sun, to use the Old Power to warm K'ai.

As the Hulks get ready to depart, Axeman Bone calls to Skaar, remarking that even though he swore to kill him, K'ai could use a hero. Skaar declines.

As the ship takes off, the Hulk becomes distant from everyone else.

Appearing in "Chowned"

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Synopsis for "Chowned"

Amadeus Cho meets Banner in the middle of Lake Michigan. They then teleport to Milwaukee, where a trio of centaurs has gone amok. Cho, asserting his position as Prince of Power, tries telling the centaurs to return to Tartarus, but they ignore him. Banner soon transforms into the Hulk, who knocks them down senseless.

The centaurs then yield, calling the Hulk cousin, a true son of Gaea. They admit that they left Tartarus for a little refreshment. Cho then hits them with a stun beam, from an orbiting satellite. Cho then turns to the Hulk and asks what he needs help with. The Hulk informs him off his new family of Hulks and what to do about them.

Solicit Synopsis

From the day the HULK was born in nuclear fire, he's always insisted he just wants to be left alone. But for the past three years, Bruce Banner has taken the opposite path, forging deep new bonds and building a super-powered family of Incredible Hulks. Now the abiding wisdom or terrible folly of that course of action will be revealed as the Green Goliath leads the Incredible Hulks in the final battle to stop his insane son HIRO-KALA from destroying two planets. Today the DARK SON saga comes to a shocking conclusion -- and a Hulk will fall! PLUS: All-new backup stories featuring the Hulk’s gamma-powered allies!


Continuity Notes

Dark Son:

  • Skaar recall how the spirit of his mother exile him from Sakaar and send him to Earth. This happend in Skaar: Son of Hulk #10.
  • Hiro-Kala later recounts how he sacrificed Sakaar to poison Galactus. That happened in Son of Hulk #13.

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  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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