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Quote1.png I always watched you, you know. Learned from you. More than you ever knew. So when I met my great crisis...I changed...and now we have hope.I know you :kik: feel it, too. The children. So close to your heart. They're giving you your second chance. You failed your other :kik: children. Turned them into monsters and misfits. But these little'll protect them from the beginning. Now rise, Green Scar...and let me help you reclaim yourself. For the first spawn of New Sakaar need their :kik: king...the strongest one there is. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Planet Savage (Chapter Two)"

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Synopsis for "Planet Savage (Chapter Two)"

As dawn begins in the Savage Land, the Warbound and Ka-Zar awake in the village of New Imperia and discovered that they had been drugged. The Red Priest tells his people that he struck a deal with the creatures that have been slaughtering their people. Noticing that his father is missing, Skaar demands to know where the Hulk was taken. While trying to figure out who took the Hulk, No-Name of Brood suddenly "chems" that approach of Miek, who makes his presence known to them. The Warbound attack Miek, who tells the Red Priest their deal still stands. Ka-Zar joins his allies in fighting Miek's horde of insect hybrids. Wading into the swarm of their enemies, Skaar demands to know where his father is.

Meanwhile, at a temple two miles away, Hulk dreams of being in a bed with his former lover, Jarella. She tells him that she has missed him and when they go to kiss, her face transforms into that of an insect. The Hulk suddenly wakes up to find himself bound to a wall. Across the room he sees the consumed corpses of Sakaaran Imperials who are being used as incubators to birth new insect hybrids. The Hulk tries to break free but his bonds are electrified and the jolts are sufficient enough to prevent him from breaking free. With an army of insects swarming toward him, the Hulk realizes he has no choice but to revert back into Bruce Banner, whose smaller frame can easily slip out of the bonds. However, as the transformation occurs one of the insects tries to attack him. Quick thinking, Banner splatters the attacking insect against a rock. Banner quickly realizes the trouble he is in as more insects come out of the darkness and head toward him. Back in the village, the battle rages on until Miek detects that the Hulk has gotten free and retreats. With the battle over, Ka-Zar and the Warbound begin searching for the Hulk.

At that moment, Bruce Banner flees from the temple with the insects in tow. However, he runs into a pack of feathered dinosaurs that try to attack him. Banner transforms back into the Hulk in order to defend himself, but the insect swarm quickly envelops the giant creatures and eats them alive. The insects then begin to bow down before him just as Skaar arrives. The Hulk tells him everything is all right but suddenly screams in pain. He discovers that the insects have laid their eggs in his back. When Skaar tries to rip them out, Hulk cries out in pain. No-Name of Brood tells Skaar to stop, as she senses that the insects are somehow connected to his heart and if they pull them out, the Hulk will die. Skaar refuses to listen, Ka-Zar tries to pull him off, leading to a brief fight between the two until the Warbound restrain him. Hulk demands that they pull it out anyway, but before they can the insect's swarm, while two massive flying bugs carry the Hulk away.

The Hulk finds himself back in the temple, dreaming about Jarella again. However, it is really Miek takling to him. Miek explains that when faced with his great crisis he underwent a change and now his new children will be protected inside the Hulk's strong body. Deciding to kill his enemies once and for all, the Hulk is dressed in armor and given a sword. With will sapping toxins, Miek orders the Hulk to go into battle against his allies.

Solicit Synopsis

The old wounds of World War Hulk reopen as The Incredible Hulk confronts his wife's killer, and the Savage Land will tremble! In the slaughterhouse of Planet Sakaar's gladiatorial arenas, the Hulk and his Warbound companions swore to stand forever at each others' sides. Now, alongside Ka-Zar and Hulk's son Skaar, that oath faces its final test. Will their great bond end in rout or redemption?


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  • Based on the Marvel Legacy renumbering infographic, this issue is actually Incredible Hulk Vol 1 623. A different editorial count resulted in its publication as Incredible Hulks Vol 1 624.

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