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Synopsis for "Planet Savage (Conclusion)"

The Hulk and his Warbound have come to the Savage Land to investigate who has been slaughtering the refugees from Sakaar. During their investigation, the Hulk was captured by Miek and impregnated with Sakaaran/insect hybrids. As the Hulk is carried away by the insects, Skaar insists that they go after his father. However, Elloe Kaifi notices that the Sakaaran refugees are under attack from the insect horde. Ka-Zar points out that the Hulk can survive longer than the Sakaarans, convincing the youth to help the people of his homeworld. During the fight, Elloe finds the Red Priest and blames him for the danger brought along to their people. The Red King explains that he was willing to do anything to save his people from extinction and knew that she and the Warbound would stand beside them whatever the situation.

Suddenly, No-Name of Brood detects that something is approaching the village. Among a new wave of insects is the Hulk who is under their control. The Hulk attacks and easily overpowers the Warbound. He then goes to strike some Sakaaran children, but Elloe Kaifi stands in their way. When the Hulk is about to strike, Miek stops him and explains that his situation has changed, instead of killing them all he now needs their help. Miek explains that with the last queen of his people being dead, his species faced extinction. However, while in human captivity, Miek underwent a change and discovered that he could now lay eggs. However, the children he birthed would soon die. Miek then broke out and came to the Savage Land where he discovered that his children could thrive off the flesh of the people from Sakaar. However, this wasn't enough to give them the strength to survive. Miek soon devisted a plan to implant his eggs within the Hulk, figuring his great strength would help the creatures be born. No-Name of Brood then pledges to Miek that when his children are born, the Warbound will protect them.

Suddenly, the Hulk's healing ability burns out the toxin putting him under Miek's control and he attacks. He throws Miek against the side of a volcano which beings to erupt from the impact. While the Warbound evacuate the village, the Hulk then confronts Miek. He pulls the insectoid's children from his body and is about to stomp on them, when he is stopped by Skaar. He tells his father they must nourish the children and allows them to feed upon him instead. However, Miek wants the Hulk destroyed and risks crushing his own children to death in order to try and put Skaar under his control. Meanwhile, the Hulk has grabbed a sword and uses it to cut off one of Miek's arms. With the children left in Skaar's care, the Hulk then strikes Miek again, sending him flying across the Savage Land to the edge of Antarctica. There, Miek is about to fall in down a chasm with tons of falling ice. The Hulk catches up with him and offers to save him. However, Miek decides against it and lets himself fall to his death, ending his threat for good.

Later, Elloe Kaifi has been crowned the Red Queen of New Imperia and she and the Warbound begin working to restore their tribe. When the Hulk returns, his son is still angry that he tried to kill the young offspring of Miek and walks away from him without saying another word. Korg and the others try to convince the Hulk to stay and try to fix things with his son, but the Hulk tells them that he had been trying to get rid of the boy for months and then leaps away.


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A Flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • Despite Dean White being credited as doing the colors for the cover, Paul Mounts' signature can be clearly seen on the cover.

Legacy Numbering

  • Based on the Marvel Legacy renumbering infographic, this issue is actually Incredible Hulk Vol 1 624. A different editorial count resulted in its publication as Incredible Hulks Vol 1 625.

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