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Quote1.png Listen -- I know you want to stand with the Hulk...bear witness...but you know what's happening. No one here is going to survive. This is the end, Amadeus...and even more importantly...this is the end he wants. Quote2.png
Dr. Strange

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In the Dark Dimension, the Hulk becomes furious seeing Tyrannus in the domain where he has been crowned king. Under the influence of Umar, she tells him to destroy Tyrannus. Up for the challenge, Tyrannus charges at the Hulk astride of the alien dragon Fin Fang Foom. However, when the Hulk tries to fight back he is attacked by the Red She-Hulk. This makes the Hulk furious and he goes on a rampage. Not far away, Amadeus Cho tries to rush into battle but is pulled to safety by Doctor Strange, who warns Cho that he might get hurt. Cho insists that they have to get in the middle of things to stop the Hulk from harming Betty, as he fears that it will ruin any chances of the two reconciling their situation. Overhearing this, the Hulk tells Amadeus that he just doesn't get it and claps his hands together sending Fin Fang Foom crashing through the mystical barrier into the domain of the Mindless Ones. Once on that other side, Foom, the Red She-Hulk, and Tyrannus are instantly attacked by the mindless creatures.

Upset that the Hulk released the Mindless Ones, Umar teleports them somewhere safe so she can destroy them herself. However, Doctor Strange points out that they need her help to stop the Mindless Ones. Sofia di Cosimo also warns Umar about the affect the Wishing Well water has on her, that the odds are stacked against her regardless of the wishes she makes. The Hulk is convinced that he is the only person who can stop this, pointing out that there is nobody innocent in the Dark Dimension. Umar confirms this, saying that the only inhabitants are goblins who were exiled here for horrific crimes. The Hulk then tells Doctor Strange to get the others back to Earth before dawn as he intends to turn into the World Breaker. The Hulk warns that this time, unlike previous situations such as the war in New York, he will not be holding back. At dawn, the Hulk rallies the goblins and tells them that they are going to fight to the death and then fight some more. The Hulk frees Armageddon, Bi-Beast, and Wendigo who have been kept prisoner since his arrival in the Dark Dimension and offers them the chance to fight in his army.

They race into battle against Fin Fang Foom as the Hulk calls out to the Red She-Hulk. Tyrannus tells her not to let him goad him, but she pushes him aside and leaps into battle. At that moment, Doctor Strange has channeled the Moons of Munnupor to open a portal back to Earth. Amadeus wants to stay, but Strange points out that they need to stop Monica Rappacinni who is using the wish machine back on Earth. When Cho still refuses, Strange points out that nobody will survive this battle and this is what the Hulk wants. At that moment, the Hulk and Red She-Hulk collide with sufficient localized force to wipe out all life on the surface of the planet. They also break it apart as a side effect as Strange falls through the portal back to Earth. Suddenly, Amadeus Cho and Sofia find themselves alive again along with Umar and the others. They quickly realize that they were brought back to life by the Hulk's making a wish.

The Hulk then resumes his battle with the Red She-Hulk. As they clash, Tyrannus rallies the other villains pointing out that they have collectively defeated the Hulk by trapping him in the Dark Dimension to eternally fight the woman he loves and hates. When Armageddon balks at this, Tyrannus points out that the folly of their wishes was that they would be trapped in the Dark Dimension with him, being destroyed and reformed over and over. Tyrannus is free from this hell thanks to the fact that he knows enough about this sort of magic to make a wish. With Fin Fang Foom reduced to a mindless creature thanks to his wish for the power to rule the world, Tyrannus rides the alien dragon through a portal opened by Umar to bring him back to Earth. He appears in the city of Yuma, Arizona, prepared to take over the Earth now that its most powerful protector is not around to stop him.

Solicit Synopsis

"HEART OF THE MONSTER" Continues! Will Bruce Banner become a man literally torn apart by desire? An actual wishing well continues to wreak havoc as the Hulk and his compatriots’ deepest, darkest wishes all come true. But what happens when the desires of Team Hulk begin to clash, much less the desires of the Hulk against Banner’s? After all the titanic beatings, sensational smashing and… questionable romantic liaisons, will there be anyone left standing after everyone gets everything they’ve ever wanted?


Continuity Notes

  • A number of moments in the romance between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross are recapped in this story:

Publication Notes

  • No credits given in-issue. Those listed here are based on the ones printed on the cover.

Legacy Numbering

  • Based on the Marvel Legacy renumbering infographic, this issue is actually Incredible Hulk Vol 1 633. A different editorial count resulted in its publication as Incredible Hulks Vol 1 634.

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