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Appearing in "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Part 5"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Mara (First and only known appearance)
  • Canor (First and only known appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Lin (First and only known appearance)

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Synopsis for "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Part 5"

Sent on a mission to dispose of Attuma's rule of Lemuria, the Hulk finds itself being pulled deep below the ocean floor by a massive sea creature. Knocked unconscious by the tremendous water pressure he is helpless to be consumed by the monster. When suddenly, he is rescued by some Atlantean rebels who slay the beast and carry him to their submarine. Meanwhile, aboard the Chinese vessel known as the Dreadnaught, the Captain orders it to the surface due to the damage it sustained when battling Attuma and his forces. One of his crewmen, a man named Lin, protests the idea of leaving the Banner behind. His captain allows him to take a sub to recover Banner but warns him to not be seen by Attuma or the Hulk. Seeing the surface ship retreating, one of Attuma's minions suggests that they finish them off, but Attuma disagrees. When this comes with protests, Attuma knocks the soldier down and reminds him that even though he now rules Lemuria, he has no loyalty to the domain. His rule of this realm is merely another step in his ongoing quest to try and take over Atlantis, as he believes that he is destined to rule. The conquest of Lemuria is only a step closer to his goal as he now has access to the alchemy to create weapons to win his war.

Meanwhile, Bruce Banner wakes up as an Atlantean woman is putting a translation pod in his ear so he could understand what his rescuers were saying. The woman is named Mara and she is part of a resistance army trying to overthrow Attuma. Bruce tries to introduce himself, but she tells him to turn green again as she is more interested in the Hulk than she is his alter-ego. Before she can press him on the issue she is ordered to stand down by her commander and lover, a man Canor. Canor is clearly upset in her interest in the Hulk, but Banner assures them that it won't happen as the Hulk is a perpetual bachelor. He is quickly brought up to speed on the situation and they let him go over the data these rebels have on the type of alchemy that Attuma has at his grasp. Looking over the details, Banner tells them that this is alchemy at a quantum level and that they are screwed if Attuma learns how to utilize it. At that moment, in the city proper, Attuma is informed by Rasa, his alchemist, that his latest creation is complete. To demonstrate, he fires a sphere at the fleeing Dreadnaught. When it impacts with the massive submarine is sprayed with a liquid that dissolves the submarine and its crew. Rasa says that they can make a massive supply.

It's at this time, that Bruce Banner goes over the data they have and discovers that Attuma is plotting to commit an act of genocide on the kingdom of Atlantis and believes that after he has crushed his long-time foes he will turn his attention to the surface world next. He then tells them that he has the power to get past the fortifications around Attuma. Canor orders his men to get board his submarine. When they approach Lemuria, Bruce takes the opportunity to kiss Mara. As he expected she acts with disgust and punches him in the face, prompting a transformation into the Hulk. The Hulk smashes through the fortifications allowing the rebels to get into the city. During the battle, the Hulk clashes with Attuma and during the battle, he summons another massive sea creature and tosses the Hulk into its mouth. However, the Hulk forces himself free and overpowers Attuma. Meanwhile, Canor and his men storm the lab and destroy Rasa's supply of "Attuma's gift". In the end, Attuma is seemingly killed when he is tossed into the maw of the very sea creature that tried to eat the Hulk. With the battle over, Mara rewards the Hulk with a kiss, but he reverts back into Bruce Banner, disgusting her. In the aftermath of the battle, Canor thanks Bruce for his assistance. When a sub comes to recover him, Banner leaves, but not empty handed as he has taken the scroll containing the formula for Attuma's Gift.

Solicit Synopsis

• Hulk versus Attuma!

• What is the secret of Lost Lemuria?

• Attuma’s schemes guarantee the death for all air-breathers!


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