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Indries Moomji was raised by the Sisterhood of Ishtar and trained to be as attractive to men as possible, and was even given extensive cosmetic surgery to enhance her natural beauty.[citation needed]

Knowing his enemy Tony Stark's weakness for beautiful women, Obadiah Stane recruited Indries as the Queen in his group the Chessmen. Posing as a threatened bystander during a disaster that Stark as Iron Man intervened in, Indries began seducing him, using pheromones to enhance her attractiveness. [citation needed]

As she recovered in hospital from the incident, Stark showered her with gifts, and they began dating. Indries used all her allure on Stark, placed herself in harm's way so he would have to rescue her, and kept tempting him to drink, knowing about his alcoholism. Finally, she cruelly rejected him, driving him to the bottle and causing him to lose control and lose his fortune and business to her employer Stane. [citation needed]

Stark's friend and temporary replacement as Iron Man, Jim Rhodes sought out Indries at the Sisterhood's desert base and captured her, but on discovering she could not reverse what she had done to Stark, he was forced to release her. [citation needed]



Indries has the ability to make herself hugely attractive to men, and enhanced by her cosmetic surgery and pheromones, this makes her impossible for most men to resist.



Indries used pheromones to enhance her ability to attract men.

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