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Chronosaurus Rex utilized the Bactrack Time-Travel Suit to open a portal to about ten years ago; however, Rex was followed by Silk and Spider-Man. Arriving in Forest Hills, the three were confronted by the very past variants of the Hydra agents who created her suit. During the subsequent battle, Ines figured out how to use her jetpack and escaped.

Later that day, Ines confronted Ben Parker, Silk, and Spider-Man while they were staking out Hydra's Red Hook base. She proposed the three team-up to rescue Hydra's hostage, James Harper, the past incarnation of her father. She revealed to them her origin and how the suit could no longer time travel. As the four of them stormed Hydra's base, the Backtrack Suit was short circuited by Agent Cole. Opening the suits compartments, Ines fell out of the suit. Cole was going to have her tortured until noticing her likeness to James. While James and Ines got acquainted, Cole placed a new battery into the suit. James quickly renounced Hydra and helped the heroes. After most of Hydra was defeated, Ines and James had a heartfelt goodbye where he told her he wasn't good enough for their family. Meanwhile, Peter came up with a plan to convince future-past Ines not to travel back in time, deleting the timeline.[1]

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  • Computer Hacking: Ines was able to follow her father's electronic footstep, hack's Hydra's operating system, and deactivate Project Backtrack's security systems.[2]



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