Ines Harper was the daughter of Maria and James Harper. Ever since her mother found out her father was an agent of Hydra, their relationship was stressful. Despite pleads from both Maria and Ines, James would not quit Hydra.

While stalking her father's electronic signal, she hacked into the his place of operation's computers. Discovering the existence of Project Backtrack, a mech-dinosaur time-travel suit, she planned to steal it and prevent from family from being fractured.

Breaking into Hydra's Red Hook base, she was able to deactivate Backtrack's security system and piloted it home. Before she could travel back in time; however, she was confronted by Silk, Spider-Man, and another Ines. The other Ines explained that she had tried her plan, but failed. She told her to be grateful for what she had, convincing Ines not to travel back, but instead to destroy the machine.[1]


  • Computer Hacking: Ines was able to follow her father's electronic footstep, hack's Hydra's operating system, and deactivate Project Backtrack's security systems.[2]

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