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Infernal Four

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Infernal Four
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Bounty hunters from the domain of Limbo
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Somewhere in Limbo
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Somewhere in 2099


The Infernal Four, bounty hunters from the domain of Limbo, were hired by God-Emperor Doom to apprehend the Punisher of Earth-27169 for breaking one of his laws. Punisher wasn't operating under his own free will, though. He was possessed by the spirit of his reality's Doctor Strange.

When the Infernal Four confronted Punisher in the domain of 2099, he killed three of them and tried to kill the remaining one, Wolverine, by blowing himself as he preferred death to being exiled to the Shield. Wolverine survived, however. So did Strange. Needing a new body, Strange decided to possess Wolverine's.[1]


Equipment: Wolverine's Adamantium Skeleton
Transportation: Hell Cycle
Weapons: Ghost Rider's Chain, Wolverine's Adamantium Claws

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