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Quote1 You know perfectly well when you have a good idea... And change is a very good idea. Quote2

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  • Magneto's aircraft

Synopsis for 1st story

Within the Arbor Magna, Professor X and Magneto emerge freshly resurrected from two pods. Emma Frost stands above them, and telepathically inserts their minds into their fresh new bodies. Smiling, she says "To me, my X-Men".

Some time prior to this, a Krakoan report on Orchis lists Krakoa's many failed attempts to destroy the Orchis Forge. Within their lab isnside the Forge, Director Killian Devo and Dr. Alia Gregor watch footage of one such failed attempt, as Kid Omega, Wolverine and Domino are intercepted and killed by Nimrod. They analyze the attacks, particularly the fact that the exact same mutants appear to be attacking them over and over, despite being killed again and again. Whereas Orchis has been adapting and growing ever more efficient in stopping the attacks, the mutants have showed no signs of improvement. This causes the two scientists to deduce that the mutants have discovered some method of cloning but that they do not remember what happens after they arrive at the Forge and die. Omega Sentinel interjects, saying that someone remembers, or the mutants would not keep coming.

Back on Earth, Moira MacTaggert visits her old Muir Island lab. In her hands she holds a faded journal containing her work on Project: Cure. She reminisces back to her death during her third life. Moira and her colleagues had just found a "cure" for the X-Gene, and as they were celebrating the success of their work, the lab was attacked by the Brotherhood of Mutants. They kill all her colleagues and tie her up as Destiny, the pre-cognitive leader of the Brotherhood, comments that even with her powers, she cannot see Moira. Destiny chides Moira for using her gifts to betray her own kind. Moira retorts that mutants are a disease but that she only means to offer the cure to those who wish it. Destiny responds that regardless of Moira's wishes, the humans will take what she has created and use it to destroy mutantkind.

She warns Moira that she is much older than her, and that her powers will have manifested before Moira is born. If she ever again attempts to use her gifts against mutantkind, Destiny will see the potential outcome of it, find her, and kill her. And if Moira tries to kill her first, Destiny will see this as well, and stop her. She declares that due to what has now happened, the two of them are joined together and she tells her that her only choice is to help her people, or Destiny will annihilate her in all her future lives. She warns Moira that she sees ten lives for her, eleven at most, if she makes the right choices, as if she dies as a child, she will not reincarnate.

Moira realizes that the only way she can learn that what Destiny has said is true is if she tries for herself in her next life. Moira remains uncertain however. Destiny tells her that she knows that Moira will explore her mutant identity, as she has seen it, but wonders what might happen if Moira were to begin doubting what Destiny has told her and turn against mutantkind again. Her partner Mystique suggests that fear will make her conviction stick. Destiny agrees and proceeds to order Pyro to slowly burn Moira to death, so that she will not forget the cost of failing to change. Moira dies screaming.

Moria leaves and goes to her Paris apartment, unaware she is being monitored by Orchis. Orchis are confused by the readings they are getting from the Krakoan gateway in Paris. A new software update has their data showing multiple readings for the same gateway. Dr. Smyth contacts Hordeculture, who sold Orchis the new update, and is told that there is a hidden gateway within the building that Orchis have been observing. Smyth calls for the Paris site to be prioritized immediately, unaware that Orchis are in turn being monitored by X-Force.

Moira returns to her hideout on Krakoa and finds Magneto and Xavier waiting for her. They tell her that their attempts at destroying the Orchis Forge and Nimrod have failed. Feeling as if the emergence of the machines is inevitable, they ask Moira if it could be possible for the mutants to ally the machines rather than fight them. Moira dismisses the notion, telling them that there are only two things they must fear; the emergence of Nimrod, which has now happened, and the resurrection of Destiny. She deduces that Xavier and Magneto have been keeping tabs on her, and they reveal that they have indeed been monitoring her location, to ensure she is safe. An angry Moira asks what they want, and they respond that they need guidance. Moira tells them that they have years to deal with Nimrod, though it will become more and more difficult, meaning that as long as they are getting stronger, they have time to wait. This brings her to Destiny, and she tells them that Destiny will tear them apart, and that any chance of her resurrection must be erased.

She tells them to have Mystique removed from the Quiet Council and to delete both the Cerebro back-up of Destiny and to destroy her genetic material. Magneto travels to Island M to destroy her back-up, as Xavier visits Sinister to retrieve her genetic material.

A short time later, Cypher awakens inside his home and leaves to meet Warlock and Krakoa to discuss how things are going on their island. The Quiet Council has been called to meet with the Great Captains of Krakoa. Cyclops informs the Council that as he is leading the X-Men, he can not also shoulder the responsibility of being Captain Commander. He therefore declares his intentions to cede the title to Bishop. The Captains also announce that they have drafted Psylocke to replace Gorgon. The Council blesses their appointments, and convene shortly after for a session.

Xavier proposes that they take their cue from the captains and embrace a season of change. He raises the point that the council has not discussed what will happen should a member choose to step down and leave their seat. Magneto backs him up, stating that he himself has considered retiring from the council. Xavier leaves it to the members to decide for themselves whether they wish to step down. Mystique responds that change is indeed a good idea, and goes on to state that she wishes to nominate a candidate for the council. She ignores Xavier and Magneto's protests, and calls on her candidate to enter. The council is stunned as a seemingly resurrected Destiny enters the chamber, as Mystique calls for a vote.

Solicit Synopsis


"There will be an island—not the first, but the last…" Promises were made and broken. The rulers of Krakoa have been playing a dangerous game with a dangerous woman, and they are about to see how badly that can burn them. Mastermind of the X-Men JONATHAN HICKMAN brings his plans to a head, joined by an incredible lineup of artists beginning with VALERIO SCHITI… as one woman follows through on her promise to burn the nation of Krakoa to the ground.


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