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Synopsis for 1st story

Some time ago, in her underground home the Oracle, Mystique gazes at Destiny's mask. She leaves her home and uses her shapeshifting powers to turn into Magneto. She boards an X-Jet and travels to Island M, where she retrieves a Cerebro back-up unit. Next, she transforms into Xavier, and travels to the Bar Sinister to retrieve Destiny's genetic material from Mr. Sinister. Sinister sees through her disguise, and slyly comments on "Xavier" being "all dressed up", but does not press the matter and gives her the genetic material.

Mystique, still disguised as Xavier, gathers the Five to have them perform a resurrection. The process is successful, and a husk emerges from its shell. Mystique hands over the Cerebro unit to Hope, to give her the chance to place a soul into its shell for the first time. Hope is successful, and a tearful Mystique sends the Five off to celebrate on their own as she is finally re-united with her deceased wife; Destiny. Destiny has been resurrected in a body in its physical prime, as she was when she and Mystique first met. Their joyful re-union is quickly cut short, as Destiny is overwhelmed by her powers, her mind flooded by visions of past events she has missed and future ones yet to come. Mystique takes her to her home, and slowly nurses her back to health. After four weeks Destiny has recovered, the pair have re-forged their bonds of love and their commitment to fighting for mutantkind, and they have hatched a plan; to win Destiny a seat on the Quiet Council.

Now, as the vote has just been called to grant Destiny a seat, Xavier prepares the council to vote, but questions the circumstances of Destiny's resurrection. He states that these questions will be answered after this vote, and the next one, as Xavier plans to immediately raise a motion to have Mystique removed from the council. Destiny, with her powers of precognition, offers to tell him how that vote will go, but Xavier ignores her. He votes against Destiny joining the council, and encourages the others to do the same. Magneto and Storm both agree with him and vote no. After a moment's consideration, Nightcrawler, despite believing it to be pointless, decides to vote yes, as he believes this will please his mother. Mystique thanks him, for she knows his vote has decided the matter.

Before the meeting, Mystique had gone on a campaign to garner support for the vote. She convinces Exodus to vote yes by convincing him of Destiny's value, as her abilities to see the future grant them the greatest chance to preserve and uplift Krakoa. She convinces Sinister to vote yes by simply stating that "the men in power" will want him to vote no, and convinces Sebastian Shaw to vote yes by telling him that she knows for a fact that Emma Frost will vote against it. Finally, she wins Emma's vote by retrieving an unknown item she has been searching for, and giving it to her in exchange for her vote. While Kitty Pryde votes no, Mystique has secured enough votes to earn Destiny her seat. Destiny thanks the council for welcoming her, and asks whether Xavier still wishes to call his vote to remove Mystique, or if he will trust her that it is futile. Xavier and Magneto exchange a look, before Xavier ends the meeting.

At the Orchis Forge, two Orchis scientists perform an experiment, as Director Killian Devo and Nimrod watch. The experiment starts off well, but the readings quickly become worrying, and Devo calls it off, comforting his subordinates that they are making progress, and offering to help them look over the numbers. As Devo and the scientists leave, Nimrod turns to speak with Omega Sentinel. He tells her that he couldn't help but notice that she has been watching him, and she responds that she has noticed him noticing. She tells him that she is aware that while he has only been online a short amount of time, he has been running simulations to "age" himself up. She tells him that she has been waiting for him to get where he needs to be so that he can look at her and see what she really is, and she believes the time has now come.

In Moira's No-Space, Xavier and Magneto have come to tell her that Destiny has been resurrected. An enraged Moira asks them how this is possible, and the pair tell her that they were outmaneuvered, as Mystique was able to resurrect Destiny before they could remove her from the council. Moira tells them that it won't take Destiny long to be able to see her, and that it will take her even less time to see through the two of them. She warns them that once they see them, it will be a matter of "us or them". She asks if Magneto can kill her, and he responds that he easily could, but that he won't. While he understands the need for pragmatism, he will not risk Krakoa's well-being for the sake of Moira's expediency. When Moira angrily tells them that something needs to be done, they suggest filling the still-vacant seat on the council with someone they can trust, and to bring another person into their plans with Moira. Moira quickly deduces that they mean to invite Emma Frost into their cabal, as Xavier believes they can trust her.

As Moira, Xavier and Magneto make their plans, Destiny and Mystique make plans of their own, overheard only by Krakoa itself. The two go over recent events in order to try and understand the situation Krakoa finds itself in. Mystique comments that she is unsure how many times she has died in order to stop Nimrod from coming online, as Magneto and Xavier's influence in the council is unmatched and unchecked, and as they control the means of resurrection, making it possible they have used her more than she knows. She comments that it is almost as if the pair expected her to fail in her mission, and questions why they would be so unwilling to resurrect Destiny. The pair deduce that it must be because they are afraid of Destiny, with her powers, seeing something they wish to keep hidden. Destiny tells her that as hard as she tries, she cannot see into the future, finding only a hole there. She tells Mystique that they must discover what Xavier and Magneto are hiding.

Mystique disguises herself as Sage, and sneaks into X-Force's headquarters. She sees the mission log for the the Krakoan gateway in the Paris safehouse. She reads the report, and finds that Orchis detected anomalous gateway behavior, and ordered a full team deployed to monitor the situation, which in turn triggered X-Force to monitor Orchis and ready its strike team. However, this order was overridden by Xavier, and the subsequent reports redacted. Mystique travels to Paris, steals the I.D. of an Orchis scientist, and impersonates her. She finds that Orchis' Paris base has a transporter directly to the Forge. There, she deduces that Orchis means to use the Forge for its original purpose; a weapon that would allow them to unleash the power of the Sun itself to purge the Earth and destroy mutantkind.

In the Louvre, Xavier, Magneto and Moira have arranged a meeting with Emma Frost. She telepathically empties the museum of visitors, and is introduced to Moira. Emma questions how Moira, a human scientist, is at the heart of what is going on in the council with Xavier and Magneto, only for Moira to open her mind for Emma to read. Emma is overwhelmed by the massive amount of memories from Moira's many lives, and learns the extent of the trio's plots. Emma angrily asks them how long they have been doing this for, and Moira attempts to soothe her by saying that she is the first outside of the three of them to be allowed this insight. Xavier and Magneto tell her they need her, and Emma, after a moment's thought agrees, saying she now understands what kind of threat a precog like Destiny represents. She tells them she'll give the matter proper consideration, but that the three of them have lost her loyalty forever. As Emma walks away, Moira asks the others if they have made an enemy of her. Xavier is uncertain, but Magneto comments that regardless, she understands the gravity of the situation. Moira admits that she was wrong, and that they're better off with someone they know they can trust.

Sometime later, the Quiet Council has convened yet another meeting, to fill its last vacant seat. Xavier has nominated a candidate, and the council votes. Sinister, Mystique, Shaw and Destiny vote no, but Xavier, Magneto, Exodus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Emma and Kitty vote yes, prompting the vote to pass. Xavier welcomes their newest member; Colossus, commenting that in him, they can trust.

Solicit Synopsis

Secrets. Lies. They have a way of coming out and biting you when you least expect them. The secrets and lies of Krakoa will shake it to its foundation. Head of X Jonathan Hickman, continues a tale of consequences with one of his first Marvel collaborators, artist Stefano Caselli!

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