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Quote1 Listen to me Nimrod. In the future that I am from... the mutants always win. Quote2
Omega Sentinel

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Human-Children-Mutant War (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Dominion-Mutant War (First appearance) (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for 1st story

Some time ago, Professor Charles Xavier brought Cypher to the island of Krakoa. As part of Xavier's plan to make Krakoa the seat of a new mutant homeland, he instructed Cypher to make contact with the island and lay the groundwork to making it a habitable home for mutants. Unbeknownst to Xavier, Cypher had brought his friend Warlock with him. The pair distrusted Xavier's motivations, but set about making peace with the island. They found a way to satisfy Krakoa's hunger; Warlock would assimilate organic material from the island, and Krakoa would in turn feed on the "new" parts of Warlock.

A month later, more mutants had come to work on Krakoa, among them the Five, who set about resurrecting mutants who had met a premature end. Yet another month later, as more and more mutants had come to live on the island, Krakoa was able to passively feed off of them without harming them. Doing so allowed the living island to begin to bloom. It first produced habitat flowers, which would grow a home for any mutant on the island, and then began producing gateway flowers, which grew portals that could instantenously transport someone to Kraoka.

Four months prior to the present, Beast and Cypher conducted an experiment. Beast had Cypher bury several human cadavers, which had died of specific causes, in the Krakoan soil. This led Krakoa to produce flowers that specifically counteracted these ailments, leading to the creation of the Krakoan wonder-drugs that would buy the new mutant nation its place among the nations of the world.

Two months later, Cypher, Warlock and Krakoa sat down to discuss the goings-on of the island. As everything was going well, they began to wonder whether they had been wrong to doubt the Professor. Krakoa produced a new flower, a kind of tumor, that would create a place outside of its conciousness. Cypher proposed that they give this flower to the Professor, who would undeniably see it as the perfect place to hide any potential secrets. What the Professor would not know is that Warlock had at this point spread throughout the entire island, acting as something akin to a nervous system for Krakoa, meaning that while the island itself would be unaware of the No-Space, Cypher could monitor it through Warlock.

Two days ago, Cypher monitored the No-Space, witnessing the conversation between the Professor, Magneto and the presumed-dead Moira MacTaggert regarding the resurrection of Destiny.

In the present, Destiny and her wife Mystique arrive at the White Palace, the residence of Emma Frost. They are greeted by the Cuckoos, whom Mystique introduces as a naturally occuring mutant-circuit. The Cuckoos correct her, stating that they are one singular being, with no discernable difference between them, and that they have rejected individuality. Destiny gives them a prophecy; that two of them will find love, while three will not, one will be changed forever and severed from the others on Otherworld and that one will never recover from it. When the sisters asks which prophecy corresponds to whom, Destiny remarks that she couldn't possibly tell since, as the sisters said, there is no difference between them.

Emma has invited Destiny and Mystique to share what she learned from Magneto and Xavier; that Moira MacTaggert is alive, and that she is a mutant with the ability to reincarnate, resetting the timeline upon her death. She shows the pair a memory she gleaned from Moira when she opened her mind to Emma; the memory of Destiny ordering her death in a previous life. Destiny now sees Moria, or rather, sees that there is a hole in the world shaped like a person, filled with darkness, death and oblivion. She also sees that Moira is terrified of her. They ask Emma whose side she is on, and she responds that while she will never join Destiny and Mystique, she is no longer on Xavier and Magneto's side either. When Mystique berates her for standing alone, Emma shares a final gift; Moira's location.

The next day, outside of Moira's safehouse in Paris, an Orchis strike team, having learned of Moira's location, intercepts and kidnaps her. At Magneto's home on Krakoa, he and Xavier discuss the future. Magneto asks his old friend if he ever gets weary of the fact that they know the future; that the conflict between humans and mutants will not end peacefully, that only one will survive. Xavier responds that this will be different, and that the two of them agree to be merciful. Magneto responds that they are merely two mutants of millions, and dismisses the idea that they are still in control. He warns Xavier that Emma Frost saw through their lies, but before he can finish, Xavier receives a telepathic distress call from Moira. Magneto narrows down her location to an Orchis node in Terra Verde, and the two prepare to rescue her.

On the Orchis Forge, Orchis is rebuilding the Mother Mold while Omega Sentinel and Nimrod speak. Nimrod has deduced that Omega is not from this time. Omega explains that she comes from a future where the mutants have won, and have destroyed both humanity and the machines. She tells him that soon, the Children of the Vault will emerge, and appear to be a threat to both humanity and mutantkind. Fighting a war on two fronts however, the Children fell to the might of Krakoa, bolstered by a returned Apocalypse. A year later, the Nimrod of her timeline was created and sent back in time to fight mutantkind in its infancy. He failed. Earth and soon the entire solar system was lost to mutantkind. The machines' only hope was to be taken in by the Dominions; machine-gods dwelling in black holes. However, the mutants harnessed the power of the Phoenix Force and destroyed Dominion after Dominion. One Dominion pushed Omega's consciousness back through time to overwrite that of her past self. Omega then created Orchis, by manipulating Killian Devo into believing that he had lived through the future Omega came from and that she had saved him. Her explanation was interrupted as Nimrod detected a disturbance at the Terra Verde Orchis node.

Magneto and Xavier arrive at the node to rescue Moira, only to find that all the Orchis soldiers have been slaughtered. They make their way to the heart of the base, only to find that Moira's arm, bearing the tracking device they have been following, has been severed, and that she is nowhere to be found. Elsewhere, Mystique taunts an injured Moira, telling her that Magneto and Xavier will not be able to save themselves, let alone help her, as Nimrod and a contingent of Orchis soldiers teleports into the Terra Verde node.

Solicit Synopsis


Krakoa's troubles don't attack one at a time. Jonathan Hickman reunites with his

POWERS OF X collaborator R.B. Silva for the penultimate chapter of his X-Swan Song.

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