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Quote1 We made a thing -- an act of pure creation -- an act of desperation... To once and for all, save our people. All of them... The nation's founders. The always faithful. The trustworthy. The innocent children. Their broken keepers. The heroes. The villains. The killers. The liars. And the true believers. Krakoa was created to last. To endure the end times. Built on hope, paid in full... And able to withstand any force that would rise against it . We built the walls high. And locked ourselves inside. Forever. Quote2
Quiet Council

Appearing in "The Death of Moira X"

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Synopsis for "The Death of Moira X"

Inside the Orchis node in Terra Verde, Magneto and Professor X come head to head with a squadron of Orchis soldiers, backed up by Nimrod and Omega Sentinel. The squad leader demands that they surrender, but he and the rest of the human soldiers are quickly massacred by Nimrod and Omega Sentinel, who declare that this battle is for titans, and that the humans are of no consequence. When Xavier asks why they massacred their allies, Omega Sentinel reveals the truth; that the machines hate humanity as much as they hate mutantkind. She taunts him, telling him that this is his nightmare; that just as mutantkind has surpassed humanity, their real enemies have revealed themselves. A battle quickly ensues. Nimrod and Omega Sentinel deal the first blow, but an enraged Xavier demands to know where Moira is and unleashes a psionic storm, incapacitating Nimrod.

Meanwhile, in Moira's No-Space, Mystique and Destiny are holding Moira captive. Moira attempts to explain to them that they cannot kill her, for to do so would mean that the timeline of the universe would be reset. Mystique disregards her warning, brings out a gun, and fires it.

Some time ago, during Mystique and Destiny's meeting with Emma Frost, where they first learned of Moira and her powers, Emma revealed that when Moira opened her mind to her, Emma was able to glimpse her weaknesses; a tracker in her arm, which would allow Mystique and Destiny to find her, and the knowledge that if Moira were to be de-powered before being killed, her death would have no effect on the timeline. Mystique commented that Forge had once told her of a gun he had made that could rob mutants of their powers, but that he would never be willing to give it away. Emma suddenly produces the gun, telling them to find Moira and to end her.

From there, the plan unfolded quickly. Mystique impersonated Sage to learn Moira's wereabouts, impersonated an Orchis agent and helped capture her and bring her to the Terra Verde node, murdered everyone present with the help of a gas-bomb that drove the soldiers into a bersker frenzy, contacted Nimrod and Omega Sentinel to prompt them to rush to the node's defense, and finally cut off Moira's left arm, containing her tracker, in order to lure Magneto and Xavier into a trap.

As Destiny and Mystique prepare to kill Moira, Destiny states that this event is a profound nexus point; she cannot see clearly what will happen, but she knows that what they will now do will have a profound effect on the world, for good or ill. Moira asks if they hope to lock-in this "perfect" timeline with her death, and when Mystique replies yes, Moira asks if it matters that Moira herself doesn't even believe in what she's made. Mystique tells her that it doesn't matter what she believes, as she is nothing more than a traitor to her kind, prompting Moira to angrily reply that they've only seen glimpses of milennia of conflict, and that in the end, mutantkind always loses. She calls the pair children, and when they provoke her further, she confesses the truth; that her plan is to "cure" mutantkind, robbing them of their gifts and making them human once and for all.

In the Orchis node in Terra Verde, the battle still rages. Magneto seizes Omega Sentinel and prepares to destroy her, only for Nimrod to finish rebuilding himself and seize Xavier. He offers an exchange; Xavier's life for Omega Sentinel. Magneto refuses, but Xavier interjects, telling him that if either of them die, the knowledge that Orchis do not have Moira will die with them, and that they have no choice but to trust the machines. Magneto releases Omega, only for Nimrod to immedaitely renege on their agreement and kill Xavier. Magneto incapacitates Omega and battles Nimrod evenly, but Omega manages to activate a power-dampener, robbing Magneto of his powers and allowing Nimrod to kill him.

Inside Moira's No-Space, just as Mystique prepares to kill Moira, Cypher intervenes. He reveals that he has been watching events unfold, and states that as Moira is now human, killing her would be breaking one of Krakoa's fundamental laws, threatening to inform on them to the rest of the Quiet Council. When Mystique threatens to kill him as well, he reveals that he has brought back-up; Bei the Bloodmoon, Warlock and Krakoa itself.

Destiny suddenly interjects, telling Mystique she can see the future again. She sees three possibilities; if they kill Moira, they will both be removed from the Council. Mystique will be exiled, and Destiny will die six months after that, and never be reborn again. If they attempt to kill Cypher, they will fail, and Mystique will die. Destiny will remain on the Council and it is possible, but unlikely, that Mystique will be resurrected in three years time. In the final vision Moira escapes, Destiny and Mystique remain on the Council and both they and Cypher consolidate power. Destiny cannot yet see Moira's future, stating that she has hard choices to make, and until then, there will be no clarity for her. Moira is released, and Cypher has Warlock provide her with a new arm. He tells her that he doesn't care where she goes, but Krakoa will allow her to use the gate one last time, then it will be closed forever. Before she runs through the gate, Destiny tells Moira that it will not just be them that come looking for her.

A week later, Emma oversees the resurrection of Magneto and Xavier. She reveals to them that she kept them dead for a week, and in the meantime, she informed the rest of the Council of their secret and their plan with Moira. She tells them that now the Council will all share the burden of this secret, but Xavier most of all, as the "first among equals" and most guilty of all of them.

Solicit Synopsis

TO EMBERS! Jonathan Hickman's time on X-Men ends with the dramatic conclusion of one of the first and best mysteries he brought to the line. Valerio Schiti returns on art to help bring down one of the foundations of the era.

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