Not much is known about Infestation's origins. It is presumed that she is one of the new mutants activated after the Phoenix dispersion.

She was enrolled in Kade Kilgore's Hellfire Academy and seemingly enjoyed it, actively participating in the classes.[1]

Later however when the X-Men came to rescue their students and took down the Hellfire Club, Infestation lamented the fact that she used to be a normal girl that people would actually talk to. Also, while using her powers, she stated that at least if her insects were devouring another person, they would not devour her.

She made a passing comment to Snot that she would have kissed him if he ever actually bothered to blow his nose.

After the Hellfire Academy was destroyed by the X-Men, she, along with the other Hellions, were rescued and taken away by Mystique and Sabretooth.[2]


Infestation (Earth-616) from Wolverine and the X-Men 31 003

Infestation's powers

Arthropod Control: Infestation can command the arthropods (among them spiders and caterpillars) stored within her own body and coming out from stria on her arms and legs.

The arthropods however also seem to devour her from the inside whilst they are stored inside her.

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