Infesti Mecera was a member of the Butcher Squadron, a team of killers that worked for Thanos to carry out acts of wanton murder and death. One job he carried out was to wipe out the pacifistic Dorcaernir people and later complained that the job was too easy. After that, he and Butcher Squadron were ordered to attack the planet of Zen-Whoberi to prevent the planet from being taken over by the Universal Church of Truth.[1]

Infesti later helped the Squadron search the ship for the escaped prisoner Gamora after Ebony Maw let her escape her cell. However, Thanos found Gamora first and ordered the Squadron to meet with him. No one in the Squadron took responsibility for Gamora's escape. Gamora preferred to take responsibility and even took a knife from Infesti to threaten Thanos with. Gamora was impressed with Gamora. So, instead of punishing Gamora, he punished Infesti by killing him for letting Gamora take his weapon so easily as well as send a message to the rest of the Squadron who had been contemplating turning on Thanos.[2]


According to Gamora is a living hive, though he has yet to demonstrate what this means. Insecti has demonstrated a high of level of agility as he is able to jump quite high. He can also use his claws as weapons.[1]


His claws, a knife

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