The Inficio is a deck of tarot cards created by the Order of Frater Inficio 700 years ago in northern Italy. The Order was in charge of an insane asylum, and they used their position to study the ravings of the mad to coalesce and refine the primal images that lurked in the deepest recesses of the human mind. They then spent 50 years transcribing these images onto a deck of tarot cards.

They are 82 cards in total and 26 in the major arcana, which is 4 more than in common deck. These four extra cards are extremely powerful and were too dangerous to ever been seen. One card, The Incognizable, would explode the eyes and melt the face of whoever looked at it. All of the cards are indestructible, but their magic can be lessened with holy water.

The last known owners of the cards are the X-Men; Gambit had brought the cards to them hoping the combined X-Men would find a way to destroy them.[citation needed]

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