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The Infinaut is the name given by Dr. Adam Brashear to a mysterious being who had tried to access his plane of reality several times. Due to the localized ripples and ruptures in space which signal his eventual arrival, it has been possible to pinpoint the place where he would appear with roughly a warning of ten hours.

The Infinaut's second manifestation happened in 1998, in Machu Picchu, and it was interrupted by Adam Brashear together with his son Kevin using an anti-matter-powered rig. Were the Infinaut capable of materializing at full size, he would destroy the Earth. The Infinaut attempted to arrive to the Earth six other times in the following decades.[2]

At the time, Brashear was part of the Mighty Avengers, the Macronaut tried to land in Quezon City, but was repelled by the Triumph Division.[1] Years later, a vision from the Inhuman procog Ulysses Cain alerted Dr. Brashear of the Infinaut's imminent ninth manifestation eight days before it happened.

With a week to prepare, Brashear and his response team known as the Ultimates built a Pym Particle accelerator. With the help of Giant-Man, when the Infinaut appeared, the Ultimates managed to anchor him and reduce his size to that of an average human, allowing the Infinaut to enter this space without dire consequences for the Earth or himself. When the Infinaut managed to communicate with the Ultimates, he expressed his happiness for meeting them.[2]

Infinaut was recruited into the Eternity Watch by Galactus to save the multiversal personification of Eternity from his captor: the First Firmament, the first iteration of all that is.[3]



Multidimensional Travel: The Infinaut is capable of interdimensional travel.[2]

Vast Power: The Infinaut possesses unimaginable power. If he had not been shrunk by Giant-Man upon arriving on Earth, he would have destroyed the planet the moment he stepped foot on it.[2]




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