Sitting atop the Earth's cluster of dimensions, an Infinite Embassy exists at the same point in every reality, supposedly all existing as the same embassy. Created by the Living Tribunal as a meeting place for ethereal beings, those who are "unearthly-yet-of-earth", such as the earthly gods, such as the Olympians and Asgardians, and demons such as Satannish and Mephisto. Those who visit the Embassy must come in peace, or risk the wrath of the Living Tribunal.

During the Serpent's reign of terror on Earth, Mephisto visited the Embassy to see what plans the other entities had for dealing with the Serpent and the fallout from his attack. At this same moment, the Council of Godheads and a convocation of demons were meeting for similar purposes.[1]

Following the fall of the Serpent, the Fear Lords met in a sub-basement of the Infinite Embassy to discuss the fallout of the Serpent's rampage and the fear he created.[2]

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  • Devil's Advocacy; A sub-basement used as a meeting place for the Hell Lords.


  • At various points, numerous gods and demons inhabit the Infinite Embassy.

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