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This page presents the multiversal version of Infinity. For the more common version of Infinity, see Infinity (Earth-616).


Infinity was the embodiment of the Seventh Cosmos and the sixth Multiverse alongside Eternity, with whom she was one.[1] Throughout all time, the Multiverse undergoes a process of dying and being reborn in a renewal cycle in which the embodied version of the universe is replaced by a new, reset being.[2] Unlike all previous renewals, however, when the Sixth Cosmos died, its embodiment was replaced by two embodied beings instead of one. These two-in-one beings representing the Seventh Cosmos were Infinity and Eternity.[1]

Following the cyclical destruction and restoration of the Multiverse (the Seventh Cosmos, at the time),[3] Eternity became the embodiment of both the Eighth Cosmos and seventh Multiverse due to unusual circumstances, while Infinity went to the place that every personification of the Multiverse went after a renewal cycle: the ethereal location known as the Far Shore.

During the Eternity War, Infinity was summoned by Eternity alongside her predecessors to help him defeat the First Firmament, who sought to reclaim his position as everything that is. After the First Firmament was restrained, the cosmoses took him to the Next Place, where they planned to heal him.[1]


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