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Appearing in "A Mad Calling!"

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Synopsis for "A Mad Calling!"

Somewhere, shrouded in near darkness, a green-skinned alien anxiously anticipates the approaching end of himself all there is.

Outside a white farmhouse, an injured Adam Warlock observes a chaotic conflict involving Gamora, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man as lightning strikes the ground and strange cosmic patterns fill the sky. He thinks back to the events of the last 12 hours that led to this scene:

Thanos, in his Sanctuary, heads out to a remote location in deep space searching for the subject of his private quest, but finds that someone who impossibly knew of his objective led him into a trap. A bomb detonates inducing a miniature black hole that destroys his ship and seemingly kills him.

In scattered locations in space and on Earth, there is an odd phenomenon of people and things being consumed by eldritch tentacles and then leaving behind a glowing white cube. Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel are drawn to these cubes by their special senses, but as far as these senses can tell them, the cubes consist of pure nothingness. Similarly, Spider-Man finds himself pulled by his own extra sense somewhere away from New York.

On the spaceport of Baligiest, Gamora learns that Thanos is speaking at a Nihilist Sect rally and attends out of curiosity since it seems out of character for the Thanos she left. The Thanos she sees is fully covered in armor for some reason, causing her to doubt that it's really him. When the armored Thanos spots her in the crowd, he orders his followers to kill her. She fights her way out of the arena and escapes by spaceship, wondering what's really going on with her former master.

Pip the Troll pays a visit to a mental asylum on the planet Degaitor where Adam Warlock was brought in two years earlier, ranting and raving shortly before retreating into a new cocoon. Pip poses as Warlock's doctor to be shown the cocoon, then uses his teleportation power to escape with it to a distant spacecraft operated by, apparently, Thanos. Thanos commissioned Pip's help because he needed information from Warlock, but to wake him from the cocoon they also need some special psychic assistance. Moondragon finds herself teleported away from a battle alongside the Avengers to the ship for this purpose. She doesn't want to trust Thanos, but Pip helps her come around to the idea.

Pleased that his plan is proceeding, Thanos departs to a secret room on the ship where his shape shifts into a more diminutive, but large-headed form called "X". He confers there with two other Thanos doppelgangers: a large "Warrior" with a costume similar to Gladiator's and a magic-using "Mystic" with an outfit evocative of Doctor Strange. The armored Thanos that encountered Gamora is also in remote communication with them on a computer screen, and they mention another referred to as "Omega". Together, they celebrate that the key to oblivion is within their grasp.


  • This is the first Pip displays his teleportation ability since the end of the Infinity Watch, where he used the Space Gem to develop this talent. Despite losing the gem at the end of that series, it's explained here that the radiation he absorbed from it allows him to keep his power. It apparently took him some time to realize this, as he did not make use of teleportation in Warlock (Vol. 4).
  • Dr. Nilrats resembles and has the backwards-spelled named of Jim Starlin.

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