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Synopsis for "Errors in Judgment"

Warlock continues to recall the recent events that led to his current crisis:

At the Langunn house, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man engage the invading Nihilists in battle, nearly falling to X's mental domination, but gaining assistance from the timely incoming teleportal of Gamora. X still gains the upper hand and telekinetically discorporates the heroes before witnessing his dream of all reality succumbing to oblivion. Rather, he believes that happens because of Moondragon. Thanos had contacted Pip, getting him to retrieve Moondragon and teleport her to the battlefield. Now free of X's control, she makes good use of the opportunity for revenge by granting him his own death urge fantasy.

In Overspace, Warlock relives his original meeting with Atlez from two years earlier. Atlez explains to Warlock that a succession of beings have always served in his role to keep reality from falling into the Infinity Abyss, and that his own two-millenia-long service is approaching its end. The normal transition process was disrupted by the Destiny War's effects on the timestream, making it happen sooner than expected. To aid this transition, Warlock agrees to accept a telepathic orientation package he can deliver to the successor through his Soul Gem, but the upload ends up being responsible for the mental anguish that incapacitated him for the last two years. Finally remembering all this, Warlock finds himself back in his current form before Atlez, who is visibly more aged and closer to death than he was two years earlier. Atlez fills him in on what happened afterwards, that he influenced the meteor strike on Thanos' hideout to free and manipulate the Armour Thanosi into recovering Warlock, but accidentally activated four other more dangerous Thanosi at the same time, making the situation considerably more tense. As if to illustrate the point, Mystic and Warrior arrive in Atlez's pavillion having followed the extra-dimensional trail of the nothingness cubes, and attack. Doctor Strange follows close behind to help Warlock, defeating the Mystic before getting knocked out by the Warrior. Adam reluctantly uses his Gem to steal Warrior's soul, defeating the enemy at the cost of absorbing his nihilistic dreams.


  • The conflict Atlez mentions that disrupted his transition schedule refers to the events of Avengers: Forever.
  • The Warlock narrating this series in flashback had been depicted with a head wound over the last five issues. This issue shows how he received his injuries in his fight with the Warrior Thanosi.

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