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Quote1 Darker motives spur on the titan. For him, rebuilding his resources is of paramount importance. When my mind was linked with his I felt just how close Thanos is to gaining that new secret prize he craves. So the hunt resumes, and ebon passions burn. Yes, I believe the Titan will soon unearth his latest substitute for happiness and contentment. And once again he will find it unfulfilling and wanting. On that day, let the universe tremble. For then someone will surely have to pay for that bitter disappointment. Quote2
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "Rewards & Punishment"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Thanosi (Final appearance)
    • Omega (First full appearance) (Death)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Rewards & Punishment"

Warlock holds off the nihilistic personality of the Thanosi soul enough to complete his mission. He returns to Pip, who teleports him to the Langunn household where he can transfer Atlez's information to Atleza via the Soul Gem. Atleza's ascendance drives away the white void of nothingness surrounding the home. Before anyone can celebrate the apparent victory, however, Thanos arrives to point out that Omega, the most powerful Thanosi, still lives and is coming to finish off Atleza to doom reality. To address the problem, Thanos erects a force field, teleports the land around the house away to a distant uninhabited planet, and has Moondragon telepathically link everyone present to catch them up on the adventure thus far. His plan still hinges on the Thanosi thinking him dead, so he hides in the house while urging on the heroes to fight Omega, a hybrid apparently many times stronger than Galactus, on their own.

As the injured and anguished Warlock stands outside the house floating in a cosmic maelstrom, watching as Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man fight helplessly against Omega's wrath, his recollection of the last 12 hours finally catches up to the present and he remains transfixed, held back from saving reality due to Warrior's soul corrupting his own. Behind the house's screen door, Thanos assures Adam that he has the strength to fight Warrior's influence, not so much encouraging his rival's mental fortitude as disparaging that of his inferior duplicate's. Nonetheless, the pep-talk works and Warlock regains the self-control to attack Omega with a blast from his Soul Gem, knocking the massive Thanosi from the perch of his ship. This gives Pip a chance to teleport in to deliver a special explosive to destroy the ship. With Omega's crucial tools and resources off the board, Thanos determines it's time to step out and face his creation. A last coordinated attack to distract Omega, culminating with Spider-Man briefly blinding him with the old webbing-the-eyes trick, leads to everyone teleporting back to Earth just before Thanos' remote-controlled warships detonate the unstable fissionable material that make up the planet Omega is left abandoned on.

With the threat passed, Atleza is hurried to Atlez's place where Moondragon was left to watch over him. Moondragon reports that Atlez passed away just as they arrived. The rest of Atleza's family, heartbroken that their daughter's destiny took her away from them, arrive back at their home to find the entire plot of land missing. Captain Marvel admonishes Thanos for ruining their lives with his careless operation, but in an indignant display of contrarian magnanimity, Thanos teleports an entire perfect restoration of the Langunn's house into the destroyed one's place before leaving.

As things return to normal in the aftermath, Adam and Gamora opt to stay with Atleza at the anchor of reality, rekindling their lost romance as they help the young new guardian adjust to her role. Meanwhile, Thanos rebuilds what his creations had cost him, resuming his previous quest.


  • The conflict in which Thanos procured Galactus' genetic material refers to the events of Infinity War. The opportunity likely came in Infinity War #6, when Thanos and the other forces aligned against Magus were briefly allowed onto Galactus' ship.

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