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Quote1 Hello, Adam Warlock! Our appointment with the Silver Surfer is running a little long -- but stick around. We'll be right with you. Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha! Quote2
Ultron / Hank Pym

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Guardians of the Galaxy resume their battle with Scar the gigantic Flora Collasi upon which Groot is eaten by him and explodes him from the inside with a burst of flowers. The Guardians leave Telferina to help Drax in his fight to defend the Power Stone but Rocket mentions he needs to stop at his shop first on the way. Gamora continues to be frustrated with Starlord that he kept the location of an infinity stone hidden from her.

At the fight for the power stone on Xitaung, Nova Commander Eve mentions she is currently in labor while fighting to Drax. They are interrupted by what appears to be Galactus descending upon their battle only to find out it is Rocket trojan horse style entering the battle.

The Guadians ship Milano is destroyed by Warbringer and Ant Man immediately attemps to use Pym Particles to shrink the power stone back to its normal size...but it does not work.

While continuing to fight Nova engages with Talon-R only to realize that they are brothers finally reunited. Nova tells Talon-R that he had escaped the cancerverse and has been seraching for him but Robbie is upset and wants to destroy the Novas since they abandoned him.

As the battle continues, Drax is suprised to see that Commander Eve has given birth to a baby girl. Gamora recalls her childhood of being taken captive after being the only survivor from a battle and warns that the baby girl must not be taken alive if they are to lose.

Back on Earth, Adam Warlock leaves the plant and heads to Saiph per Kangs instructions where he believes he will face Magus. He is suprised to find that the planed has been conquered by Ultron and is approached by the Ultron Virus robots who direct him to Ultron. Upon finding Ultron, Adam Warlock is shocked to see that Ultron has Silver Surfer captive.

Solicit Synopsis


The secret is out about the Power Stone, and the Chitauri are in on the action as the Raptors, Novas and Guardians meet for a showdown in space! PLUS: Adam Warlock enters the fray after the events of INFINITY COUNTDOWN: ADAM WARLOCK — his next move will set the stage for cosmic chaos to come!

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