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Quote1 I know you have struggled mightily to bring life to the galaxy... I am proud to see you atone for our shared legacy of destruction, but now all life as we know it is imperiled by a heinous evil, armed with the Soul Gem. I was almost... devoured by power wielded by Ultron. I would not ask if it were not a last resort. What say you, Galactus the Lifebringer? Will you consume one world... to save the entire galaxy? Quote2
Silver Surfer

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Synopsis for 1st story

Adam Warlock and Ultron resume their fight over the soul stone. Ultron uses his new Silver Surfer captive who is infected with the Ultron Virus, at his disposal to fight Adam Warlock by forcing him to fight OR to listen to the screams of the trillions of victims from his and Galactus' conquests. But Silver Surfer begs Adam Warlock to be killed but Adam Warlock instead heals him by placing him a cocoon similar to his. Silver Surfer erupts from the cocoon healed but instead of fighting immediately leaves the planet while Ultron shows Adam Warlock his many rockets that will soon launch to begin ravaging planets across the galaxy.

The Nova Corps and Guardians continue to fight for the Power Stone against the Chitauri and the Fraternity of Raptors but it become a losing battle which they begin to realize. They determine they can not beat Warbringer. In battle Ant Man is blasted away and lands on a Nova Corps body who is being evacuated by medics. He is seperated from the Guardians. Overall the Nova Corps begin to retreat and the Guardians and Commander Eve with her newborn decide they will stick around to cover them.

Meanwhile Nova connects with his recently reunited brother Talon-R who is gravely injured. Talon-R warns Nova that Warbringer can not get the Power Stone at all costs and that he realizes they maybe in the midst of a "simulation" and to remember "Mind over Matter."

As the Guardians begin to accept their imminent defeat Drax whips out his saxophone and plays a tune, which the Chitauri believe is their own Horn of Doom. Nova tells the Guardians he believes the battle is "Mind Over Matter" which leads Starlord to approach the power stone with the mindset it is not actually so large. It works and he and Drax via his saxophone use the power stone to defeat the Chitauri momentarily but realize they need Nova to spirit the group away from the planet.

Finally, Silver Surfer has now approached Galactus in space asking him if he will upend his pacifist, Lifegiving ways to consume one planet (Xiatung where Ultron is) to save the Galaxy.

Solicit Synopsis

As the Guardians’ last mission together draws to a close, the war for the Infinity Stones has only just begun! Adam Warlock continues to search for the Soul Stone but encounters an unexpected foe…the SILVER SURFER?! Keep your eyes to the stars as Marvel’s biggest cosmic story continues!

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