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Quote1 Mistress Death? You too betray me? Quote2

Appearing in "Astral Conflagration"

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Synopsis for "Astral Conflagration"

Thanos is under attack by several of the most powerful forces in the universe. The heavens shake with power. Billions die as a direct consequence just for the battle to take place, and indirectly via ripple effect reality itself almost collapses. It creates an inter-dimension distortion allowing Annihilus and his forces to invade Earth. But right now, this is the least of the universe's troubles.

One by one, Thanos defeats the entities Chronos, Master Order and Lord Chaos, Galactus, Stranger, Epoch, Mistress Love and Master Hate. Mephisto sees this as an opportunity and tries to take the gauntlet from Thanos but fails. Thanos is soon disheartened in the fact that Death has joined the assault against him. He entraps all the entities when he is faced with Eternity.

The battle turns out to be the war for control of this reality. Thanos ends up the victor, turning into a cosmic being not unlike Eternity. But this leaves his physical form temporarily unprotected. Nebula takes the Infinity Gauntlet for herself.

Doctor Strange, Warlock and Silver Surfer regroup on Earth. They devise a new plan.

Now it is Nebula who possesses the greatest power in all the universe, and she is very disoriented by her recent ordeals. She seeks revenge and transports Thanos and Terraxia into space, where Terraxia dies because Thanos had not thought to make her be able to breath in space. He is then transported by Warlock to Earth so they can speak.

In private, Warlock reveals that while in the soul gem he was able to learn everything about Thanos including his thoughts, dreams and secrets. He tells him that he always seeks ultimate power but does not believe he deserves it and subconsciously supplied his own defeat whenever he achieved it. Thanos agrees to help retrieve the gauntlet from Nebula.

Doctor Stange has managed to gather some of the heroes who were sent to other realms by Thanos. They all attack Nebula, but even with her lack of experience the gems give her incredible power.

Solicit Synopsis

The Infinity Gauntlet saga continues! Thanos's battle with the deities of the Marvel Universe rages on, threatening to destroy all that remains of the universe! Also: someone steals the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos and Warlock enlists the mad god's aid in retrieving it.

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