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The Bakian Clan are shadowed by an unknown figure as they scrounge for food in the ruins of New Xandar, but their dog, Zigzag, is only able to find canned dog food for them to eat.

Later that night, Menzin tells his younger daughter, Fayne, about how her mother left to reinforce the Nova Corps and will someday return, but the elder daughter, Anwen, believes their mother Eve Bakian to be dead, as evidenced by the arrival of the Annihilation Wave. An argument between their father and the girls' maternal grandfather ensues, which attracts the attention of the bugs, forcing the Bakian Clan to flee for their lives.

During the resulting chase, Anwen falls into a bug nest, and as she fights for her life, she discovers the Mind Gem inside a bug. Hearing explosions on the surface, she climbs out and comes face to face with a Nova who removes her helmet, revealing herself to be none other than Anwen's mother. The two embrace, with the woman apologizing to her child for being late, but ensuring her that now everything will be alright. Watching from the shadows of a nearby building, Thanos in possession of the Time Gem, disagrees.

Solicit Synopsis

Think your life is hard? Anwen Bakian’s family lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, scrounging for food and avoiding giant bugs intent on eating them. Mom left years ago to join the Nova force and never came back. So it’s just Anwen, her dad, her sister and her grandpa against the huge insects. That is, until she finds a mysterious stone that may or may not hold incredible cosmic power. Don’t miss this incredible new series by DEADPOOL writer Gerry Duggan and EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE writer/artist Dustin Weaver that will set the cosmic table for the Marvel Universe for years to come!

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