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War of Kings Warriors Vol 1 1 Textless
Quote1 Look! A Builder has fallen...and once free Hala is now free again. You have succeeded, Avenger...again. What follows after this? Quote2
Captain America Vol 6 2 Textless
Captain America
Quote1 Now we win. Quote2

Appearing in "Thane"

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Synopsis for "Thane"

Captain America still realized they were outnumbered and outgunned, and decided to perform a false surrender. Thor falsely surrendered to the Builder who was under control of Hala and killed him, freeing the planet and gaining many powerful lost allies.

Meanwhile, Thanos evidently survives Black Bolt's attack and continues the fight. As Thanos fought against Black Bolt, he detonated a Terrigen Bomb which subjected anyone on Earth that has Inhuman genes in them to go through a Terrigeneses (the main storyline of Inhumanity). Thane's power is unleashed where the bomb accidentally kills the inhabitants of his town in the process. Thanos then fights Black Bolt, and eventually demands the location of his son. Black Bolt refuses to reveal the location, which results in Thanos getting angry and knocking out Black Bolt.

Solicit Synopsis

• Negotiating the fall of worlds.

• The Illuminati versus Thanos.

• Thor, God of War.

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