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Synopsis for "Chthonic Maneuvers"

On an unnamed planet, Thanos is stalked by his doppelganger. After entering a lab, the original converses with his computer and analyzes mysterious energy patterns. Thanos boards his reconstructed Space Throne and leaves to find the source of the energy.

On Earth, Spider-Man is watched and followed by his own doppelganger.

Elsewhere, Galactus and his herald, Nova, discover Eternity in a catatonic state. They determine this condition is "artificially induced by an outside force," and seek to investigate who could have that level of power. Nearby, Thanos observes the scene as well, and catches a glimpse of his doppelganger.

Thanos teleports to another dimension and finds a large headquarters. Inside, he discovers the source of the mysterious energy is a "lozenge-shaped module." He is then confronted by the Magus.

Back on Earth, Doctor Doom detects the mysterious energies. He intends to gain the power for himself, but needs advanced technology.

Meanwhile, various heroes battle their doppelgangers. The winner of Mister Fantastic's fight is ambiguous and uncertain (see Notes). Iron Man is defeated in a large explosion. Wolverine stabs and kills his doppelganger, which then disappears. Spider-Man's doppelganger lies impaled on a spiked fence. Iron Man's doppelganger transforms into a mass of tentacles, engulfs him, and merges with him.

Galactus loses the energy trail he had been following. He decides to enlist a mage who can help penetrate mystical barriers.

Thanos socializes with the Magus, as his doppelganger serves them drinks. He assumes the Magus seeks ultimate power, and tries to dissuade him from this plan. The Magus threatens Thanos with doppelgangers of various heroes, taunts him to "let Adam know", then teleports him away.

Mister Fantastic sends a message to the Avengers, X-Men, New Warriors, West Coast Avengers, X-Factor, and Alpha Flight. He requests a meeting the next morning to discuss a universal threat.

Doctor Strange is surprised by a bright flash of light (see Notes).

Doctor Doom joins forces with Kang, and reveals there are actually five energy sources. Outwardly, they agree to capture these and rule their respective eras. In their thoughts, each intends to betray the other.

Finally, Thanos meets with the Infinity Watch and requests their aid.


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