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Quote1 This game is far from over. In fact, things are just beginning to get interesting! Quote2

Appearing in "Ethereal Revisionism"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Ethereal Revisionism"

Numerous heroes gather at Four Freedoms Plaza and wait for Mister Fantastic to start the meeting.

Doctor Doom and Kang analyze the mysterious energy emissions. They discover receptors on every star and planet in the galaxy.

On Monster Island, Thanos and the Infinity Watch discuss the Magus' return. They plan to gain more information at the Palace of Mistress Death. Magus and the Thanos Doppelganger secretly watch them on a monitor, before turning their attentions to Galactus.

At Earth's energy receptor, Doctor Doom and Kang cloak themselves. Galactus, Doctor Strange, Nova, and Silver Surfer arrive shortly after the villains. They enter a cave and discover a column of powerful, mystical energy. They leave to search for the emission source. Doctor Doom and Kang plan to follow them with a trace beam.

Hawkeye is attacked by his doppelganger. Spider-Man saves him, but is attacked in turn by Iron Man's doppelganger.

Thanos and the Infinity Watch teleport into Death's palace, and consult the Infinity Well. It recaps the origin of the Magus, the Infinity Gauntlet saga, and the formation of the Infinity Watch. It also reveals that during the time Adam Warlock controlled the Gauntlet, he had subconsciously expelled all good and evil from himself. The evil side had reincorporated as the Magus. After his return, the Magus had explored five alternate realities and took items of near-finite power from them. Thanos and the Infinity watch are forced to escape from Mistress Death before learning the Magus' goal.

Mister Fantastic finally starts his meeting. He tells the gathered heroes that he was attacked by a doppelganger during the previous night. He believes the doppelganger came to replace him. Wolverine, based on his sense of smell, accuses Mister Fantastic and Iron Man of being impostors. The other heroes begin to react and argue. Daredevil, using his radar sense, accuses Mister Fantastic and Iron Man as well. He warns everyone to keep them away from the podium, however a brawl erupts. Mister Fantastic pushes a button, unveils a gamma bomb, and detonates it.

Solicit Synopsis

The Infinity War explodes as Earth's heroes arrive at Four Freedom's Plaza, only to discover that Reed Richards has uncovered a plot to replace every super hero on Earth with evil duplicates! This issue also features another fantastic, multi-character gatefold cover by Ron Lim!


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