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Quote1 Thanos's fear and hatred drove him to seek omnipotence so that no one would have control over him. My vision took me beyond that juvenile passion. Quote2

Appearing in "Nefarious Rhapsodies"

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Synopsis for "Nefarious Rhapsodies"

A gamma bomb destroys the top of Four Freedoms Plaza. However, Invisible Woman manages to hold the blast back with a forcefield, and Thor creates a whirlwind to carry the nuclear fallout into space. The heroes begin to confront the doppelgangers of Mister Fantastic and Iron Man. The Magus and Thanos' Doppelganger suddenly teleport in, and quickly escape with the imposters. The heroes mistake them for Adam Warlock and the original Thanos. Shaman senses deep mystic energy, and suggests enlisting a more powerful mage to help. Hulk says Doctor Strange is unavailable, so Scarlet Witch intends to contact substitutes.

Galactus, Doctor Strange, Nova, and Silver Surfer travel through a dimensional corridor. They are secretly followed by Doctor Doom and Kang.

Thanos and the Infinity Watch examine a column of "quasi-mystical" energy. They teleport away to trace its source.

Wonder Man informs Captain America that he found Spider-Man and Hawkeye unconscious. The two heroes are on their way to the hospital. Black Cat and Black Widow volunteer to stand guard and protect them. Hank Pym, Invisible Woman, and Vision study data on Mister Fantastic's computer. They discover energy receptors throughout the galaxy, and apparent coordinates to the transmission source.

In his fortress, Magus monitors the heroes and reveals that he had planted those coordinates. He also explains that the gamma bomb was simply meant to confuse and distract the heroes, rather than destroy them.

Scarlet Witch returns with Agatha Harkness and Doctor Druid. Along with Shaman, they offer to transport the heroes to the energy source. Quasar contacts Captain America from the Dimension of Manifestations. He reports that Eternity has been rendered catatonic. Captain America recalls Quasar back to Earth.

The Magus detects that Galactus and his crew are moving ahead of schedule. In order to delay them, the Magus explodes their ship. He then explains his megalomaniacal motivations to Thanos' doppelganger.

Thinking they had found the energy source, Doctor Doom and Kang find a relay transmitter instead. They reset their machines and cloak themselves. Thanos' doppelganger detects their presence as "odd energy fluctuations," but the Magus assumes the reading is simply a result of the relay transmitter. Thanos and the Infinity Watch arrive. While they wait for their own equipment to reset, Thanos and Warlock discuss the direction of Adam's life.

Earth's heroes form an expeditionary force, and the mystics cast their teleportation spell.

The Magus and Thanos' doppelganger watch as the Living Tribunal confronts Eternity. Next, they send an army of doppelgangers to attack the heroes who remained at Four Freedoms Plaza.

Thanos and the Infinity Watch get ready to leave the relay transmitter site. However, the expeditionary force arrives and surrounds them.


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