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Quote1 I admit, there is a touch of insanity to my machinations. Quote2

Appearing in "Psychomachia!"

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Synopsis for "Psychomachia!"

Quasar holds the Ultimate Nullifier. Captain America and Hercules try to dissuade him from trusting Thanos' plan.

In their home dimension, Sleepwalker observes that everyone on Earth is locked in a trance. Meanwhile, Thor and the Watcher continue to monitor the two Earths and two moons merging.

In his fortress, the Magus snatches the Infinity Gauntlet from his captive, Adam Warlock. He gloats about his plan. Doctor Doom and Kang hide behind some machinery, ready to strike.

Captain America checks in on Professor X, Moondragon, Psylocke, Jean Grey, and Nova. With the help of Sleepwalker, the psychics are trying to stimulate the minds of everyone on Earth to resist the trance. Wonder Man notifies them that Quasar is leaving to use Ultimate Nullifer. Quasar floats outside the Magus' fortress and takes aim. He hesitates, however, prompting Thanos to plan a direct assault.

The Magus instructs Thanos' Doppelganger to leave and prepare an ambush for the heroes. Doctor Doom and Kang comment that the Magus has constantly overlooked them and failed to notice them because they were never part of his plan. The Magus explains to Warlock all his manipulations.

Galactus and Gamora meet with the Living Tribunal and Eternity. The Tribunal explains that his previous ruling prevents the Infinity Gems from functioning together. Because that verdict was in favor of Eternity, only Eternity can reverse it. However, the entity remains catatonic. With little warning, Galactus bonds with Gamora and sends her into Eternity's body to heal him.

Doctor Doom and Kang finally attack the Magus. Warlock aids and defends him, to prevent the other two villains from obtaining the Infinity Gauntlet. The Magus knocks down Kang and flees, while Doom incapacitates Warlock with a blast. Doom then turns against Kang and blasts him as well. The Magus tries to reach his collection of Cosmic Containment Units before Quasar can fire the Ultimate Nullifier. However, he discovers that someone has stolen them. Doom then strikes the Magus from behind, and orders him to slowly surrender the Infinity Gauntlet.

Simultaneously, Galactus and Gamora succeed in awakening Eternity. He requests that the Infinity Gems be allowed to work as one, then collapses again. The Living Tribunal restores power to the Infinity Gauntlet just before the Magus can release it. Quickly adjusting to omnipotence, the Magus blasts Dr. Doom, turns the Ultimate Nullifier against Quasar, and torments Warlock.

Thanos seemingly opens a portal into the Magus' fortress, and the heroes rush through it. However, they arrive in the courtyard instead and are ambushed by doppelgangers. Thanos teleports inside the fortress alone, but is confronted by his own doppelganger.



  • Psychomachia is a medieval allegory by ancient poet Prudentius. It describes a battle between personified virtues and vices.

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