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Inhibitor Collar
Inhibitor Collars
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The events leading up to the creation of this type of power inhibitor can be seen in Days of Future Past. There, a 1984 presidential election of an anti-mutant candidate, lead to the Mutant Control Act being introduced. The administration reactivated the Sentinels to eliminate mutants and other super-beings. One method of completing their programmed task was to capture defeated super-beings and neutralizing their abilities. Thus, the inhibitor collar was enforced to all those who had been incarcerated in an Internment Center[citation needed]


An inhibitor collar is a metallic device that fits around the neck of the wearer. Through electronic means, the item prevents a particular being from consciously using their super-powers, successfully neutralizing them. The effect does not seemingly harm the wearer (although headaches have been reported),[1] but renders them powerless and susceptible to manipulation. Long-term effects of inhibitor collar usage have not been studied.

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