The Genetic Council was a legislative, judicial and executive body and consisted of the twelve members, each of whom belong to a different family or House. The Council elects one of its members as both head of the Council and ruler (or "king") of the Inhumans. This ruler reigns from election to his or her death. Kingship then doesn't follow a strict patriarchal or matriarchal progression, although popular rulers are often succeeded by their children. The designation "Royal Family" is a ceremonial one that passed on from House to House with successive kings (or queens).[1]


The Inhumans have been stated to have no currency,[2] or to use as monetary unit the Dren.[3]

No monetary unit is known to the Bird People of the Aerie (Sky-Island).[4]

In New Attilan, the Inhumans used the Attilanian Chits.[5]

Food and cooking

Utolan Specialties from All-New Inhumans Vol 1 8 0001

Utolan specialties

Utolan grew fruits bred by geneticists from hanging garden to provide all needed nutrients with minimal waste or complication, prompting Gorgon to label the place as vegan.[6]

Although, the Utolan specialties includes more than fruits, and notably includes fish and animals.[7]


Attilan and Aerie

The Inhumans of Attilan speak their own language, Tilan, but also learn human languages such as English, Russian and Chinese.[1][3] Black Bolt has required Attilan's children to study English.[3]

Those of the Aerie's spoke Tilan and English.[4]

The ancient Inhuman language used sigils.[8]


The Utolanians speak Shona[6][9][10] and Makhuwa,[7] but many also know English.[6]


Most of the Inhuman religions is closely related to Terrigenesis.


In Attilan, the major religion involved ancestor-worship, with a guild of priests and priestesses administering the faith.[1]

Priests are present in the Temple of Randac,[11] the Tower of Weeping[12] and (possibly the same) the Tower of Wisdom.[citation needed]Timberius once mentioned the "Gods of all that grows",[13] possibly more as an exclamation than an invocation to existing gods.


In Utolan, it was believed that Terrigenesis was the Inhumans' great calling, unlocking a piece of the divine.[6] They believed that despite the fact that they were created by the war-mongering Kree, that creation could have been guided unknowingly by the "greater hand of the divine".[7] That belief was used as explanation for the pairing of couples by the Maternal Council of Elders (due to the stagnation of the genepool), with the "unifying belief" and "collective aspiration" to find the combination of themselves that would unlock complete transcendence. Despite those beliefs, couples fell in love outside of council's pairings.[7]

Many Elders invoked the "Goddesses",[6][10] and Ikelli a (benevolent) "God", then God demanding death in its name.[10]

Aerie (Sky-Island)

In Aerie, some Bird People invoked (possibly not in a worshiping way) "the Gods",[14] Aerivar XVIII himself talking of "the Sky-Gods"[15] and Red Raven of the "Gods of the Stratosphere".[16]

A priesthood exists among the Aerie.[17]

The Bloodraven Cult (or Bloodravens) are a dark sect[16] worshiping their Dark God, whose vassal was the Wayfinder.[18] They were forbidden by Red Raven, and opposed him.[16]


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