In Aerie, it is forbidden for the Bird People to venture into the outside world with advanced Avian technology.[1]


The Bird People seemingly use incarceration for their criminals.[2]


Age of consent

The legal age of consent is 31 (the age at which an Inhuman can decide to undergo Terrigenesis).[3]


Genetic Council


The Genetic Council was the government, and the major legislative, judicial and executive body in Attilan.[3]

Among their attributions, the Council could grant unconditional amnesty to anyone, suspend visiting rights from parents towards their children.[4]


The Council is composed of twelve members, each belonging to a different family or House, elected to membership by the other members of the council.

The membership is for life. A change of the membership of the council can occur:

  • If a member commits a crime against the state and is expelled.
  • If there is a state of vacancy caused by the death of a member.[3]

Attilan Kings and Queens

Monarch Succession

There is many ways for a King to step out of his position:

  • Abdication: A King can seemingly abdicate.[5]
  • Removal/deposal by the Genetics Council:
    • By vote: If all other eleven members of the Genetics Council agree, they can remove a ruler from the throne.[3]
    • By sentence: As the Council of Four, the Genetic Council also once pronounced a deposal sentence towards Black Bolt, in the case the people under his custody didn't respect a good behavior obligation to which he was responsible.[4]
  • Challenge of Royal Succession: A challenge of royal succession is seemingly an acknowledged way of replacing an Attilan monarch, as in such case, the palace guards must seemingly step down instead of protecting the King.[6]

Royal Court

Assembled as the Royal Court of Attilan, the Inhuman Royal Family could also act as a justice court.[7]

Genetics Law

The Genetics Law or Genetic Policy included the rules about procreation and marriage in Attilan.[4]

King Auron's first edict

"Under this structure do we hereby establish the genocracy of Attilan; ratified by council, fortified by technology, unified by evolution." "From diversity comes Equality."[8]


Even before Auron's reign, cloning was forbidden. This restriction was considered inapplicable for Alpha Primitives.[9]


The core aspect of Attilan culture, Terrigenesis is regulated by many rules.

  • If genetic screening determines only a low risk factor, a couple may elect to subject their offspring to Terrigenesis between the ages of one to six years.
  • An Inhuman may also decide to undergo the procedure when he or she reaches 31, which is the legal age of consent.[3]

Subjection to the Mist must also be approved by a majority vote from the Council.[10]


The government regulated the population growth by allowing a maximum of two offspring per couple.[3]



Treason can be dealt with execution by axe-beheading. Royal blood doesn't protect one against this sentence.[6]

Powers use

The Council can also forbid Inhumans from using their powers in some ways:

  • Crystal was forbidden from using her elemental powers to clean air, water and soil on Earth to make them sterile and pure for Inhumans.[5]

Alpha Primitives

It is a crime to teach an Alpha Primitive to read, and the sentence for such crime is prison.[11]


The law in the Enclave is known as the Mandate.[12]



The crimes in Utolan include "Assault" and "Attempted murder", leading to imprisonment.[13]


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