Information-silk Official Team Name
Inhuman Royal Guard
Information-silk Editorial Names
Royal Guard
Information-silk Team Aliases
Imperial Guard of Attilan[1]
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Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Nur; formerly Medusa, Gorgon
Information-silk Current Members
Alaris, Arvak, Asmodeus, Avius, Centaurus, Chiron, Chynae, Cyra, Dinu, Drive, Eelak the Agile, Flaidermaus, Glytra, Gorgon, Kaliban, Mikon, Neifi, Nahrees, Pinyon, Tonaja, Triton
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The Inhuman Royal Guard was an elite group of Inhumans who were tasked with the duties of protecting Attilan and the Inhuman Royal Family.[2]

When the New Attilan government was restructured under Iso's leadership,[3] the Inhuman Royal Guard became part of the New Attilan Security Force under Nur's direction.[4]

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