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Quote1.png If you want to save inhumanity, your majesty-- You must forget everything you think you know. You will ignore your instincts and forget the past. Otherwise, all is lost. It's too late for me, too late to unlearn a lifetime of thinking. A lifetime of error, my queen. I have failed you for the last time-- Quote2.png

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Karnak (Main story and flashback) (Death)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for 1st story

Following the destruction of Attilan and the spread of the Terrigen Mists upon the entire face of Earth, Karnak was left mentally scarred by said events and started tearing up the upper west side of Manhattan, babbling and sobbing uncontrollably the whole time. He had to be put in custody by the Avengers. In Stark Tower, Karnak explained to the Avengers what happened during their fight with Thanos and what meant for the Inhumans. When he was questioning himself for the reason for Black Bolt to spread the Terrigen Mists and what would happen next, Karnak had an epiphany in which he finally saw "the fault in all things." He told Medusa (who was present during his interrogation) that she needed to forget everything she thought she knew, ignore the instincts, and forget the past. Otherwise, all would be lost. Following this revelation in which he stated it was too late for him to unlearn a liftime of error, Karnak shattered the window from his containment cell and jumped out of the Stark Tower, killing himself.

Solicit Synopsis

• After INFINITY, the Marvel Universe has changed.

• The Avengers find themselves face to face with Karnak who has discovered the secret of the Inhumans that will shake the Marvel U to its core.


  • It is at this point unknown who Petra's mother is.

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