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Millions of years ago, the alien race known as the Kree visited Earth and experimented with a group of primitive humans. Their intent was to engineer soldiers in their intergalactic war for conquest, but instead it was foretold that said creations would one day destroy them. The Kree ended their experiments and left the Earth, expecting the experiments to die, but the test subjects and their descendants would go on to form a society of their own isolated from the rest of humanity. They became known as The Inhumans, an advanced sub-species of the human race who gain their powers through exposure to Terrigen Mist, which activates the augmentations in their DNA. Although The Inhumans were first believed to only exist in their city of Attilan, led by the Inhuman Royal Family, it was later discovered that Inhuman descendants are in fact scattered across the planet. Today, Inhumans are a unique species living alongside their human brethren, mutants, aliens, and others.


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