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Appearing in "Part Two: The Quiet Room"

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Synopsis for "Part Two: The Quiet Room"

In the Kingdom of Manhattan, Auran infiltrates the Quiet Room, where an overconfident Black Bolt knows that she's working for Baroness Medusa, but explains to her how the business operates anyway.

Meanwhile, her partner Kamala Khan, disguised as Anthony Stark, sneaks into the basement where they overhear The Voice Unheard are plotting to aid The Blue in the Warzone with medical supplies in exchange for troops to help destroy New Attilan. The Bard; however, hears Kamala spying, and she's subsequently captured, but not before Auran escapes.

Their headquarters compromised, Karnak oversees the evacuation of The Voice Unheard, as Black Bolt prepares to use travel through The Eldrac Network to fulfill their supply mission in the Warzone, but unbeknownst to them all, Auran has relayed her intel to Medusa who awaits with numerous Inhumans on the other side of the portal to ambush the Resistance in New Mars.

Solicit Synopsis

• What is the Quiet Room?

• There’s a rebellion brewing on Battleworld and it’s centered around a mysterious silent man.

• Medusa will stop at nothing until the rebellion is squashed!

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