{{Marvel Database:Race Template | Image = Inhumans_Prime_Vol_1_1_Torque_Connecting_Variant_Textless.jpg | Title = Inhumans | Name = Inhomo supremis[1] (also written Inhomo Supremis)[2] or Homo sapiens inhumanus[3] | Aliases = Earthbound Inhumans[4] | Identity = Public | Affiliation = | BaseOfOperations = Attilan

| BodyType = Humanoids | AvgHeight = Same as humans | AvgWeight = Same as humans | Eyes = Variable | Hair = Variable | Skin = Variable | NumberOfLimbs = 2 | NumberOfFingers = 5 | NumberOfToes = 5 | SpecialAdaptions = Most Inhumans are used to living in a pollution-free, germ-free environment and have difficulty tolerating Earth's current level of air and water pollution for any length of time. Exposure to the Terrigen Mist can both enhance and in some cases reduce these physical capabilities.

| Origin = Kree genetic experiment on early humans[5] (Homo antecessor,[4] Homo neanderthalensis[1] or Homo sapiens)[6] | GalaxyOfOrigin = Milky Way | StarSystemOfOrigin = Sol | HomePlanet = Earth | PlaceOfBirth = | Creators = Stan Lee; Jack Kirby | First = Fantastic Four #45

| HistoryText = * Inhuman History

Inhuman Culture

Inhuman Biology


The Terrigenesis is the source of most of the Inhumans' powers. Please consult the following pages for more information: Inhuman Law, Terrigenesis


Inhumans are subject to diseases, among them "Gral's disease", a hereditary disease that expresses as extreme weakness in the sick Inhuman. It is not fatal if caught in time.[7]

Alternate Universe Inhumans

The Inhumans are present in many realities, with more or less important variations in their history, appearances, biology. | Habitat = Attilan, same as Earth | Gravity = Same as Earth | Atmosphere = Same as Earth, though with no germs or pollution | Population = At present there are about 1,230 living Inhumans, all of whom dwell in Attilan.

| Powers = Varies, if any. Even without using the Terrigen Mist, centuries of selective breeding have given some Inhumans certain advantages.[citation needed] Their average lifespan is 150 years,[8] and inhuman in good physical condition can possess strength, reaction time, speed, or endurance superior to the finest of human athletes.[citation needed]

The Inhumans were meant by the Kree scientist who created them to be a "deadly weapon of cosmic scale", "Galactus-level weapons".[9] | Abilities = | AvgStrength = Karnak[citation needed] and some other normal Inhumans who are in excellent physical shape,[citation needed] can lift 1 ton and are physically slightly superior to the peak of normal human physical achievement.[citation needed] | Weaknesses = Due to their closed society, Inhumans have a far lower threshold to disease and pollution than ordinary humans.[citation needed]

| GovernmentType = Monarchy. Inhuman society is formatted in the style of a genocracy; ruled by the genetically fittest. As such, the elected Genetics Council is the major ruling body of the Inhumans besides the Royal Family.[8] | TechnologyLevel = Mostly Genetic Manipulation, though in general superior to Earth standard. Echo-Technology, which utilizes power from vibranium capacitors that store whispers of Black Bolt, including Echo-Skeleton Armor and Echo-Weapons (designed by Maximus).[10] | CulturalTraits = Miscegenation Prohibition, Rigid Caste System based on abilities, Conformists. Marriages have long been arranged by the government to eugenically further the race with couples only allowed to have a maximum of two offspring.[8] Those born with powers not useful enough to Inhuman society are cast off to live in the Darkward End of Attilan as rejected outcasts and unmentionables to be detached from their former associates and family members.[11] | Representatives =

| Notes = * Inhumans were once stated by Dal Damoc to be the products of Kree experiments on Homo antecessor.[4]

  • The Inhumans can be considered a by-product of the Celestials' tampering, by sparking a "recessive genetic potential for greatness in the human DNA code".[12]
  • It was stated by Kree that the Inhumans were of Kree lineage and that they had Kree blood[13] and genes.[14]

| Trivia = When asked if there was a way to distinguish Inhumans from mutants, Tom Brevoort (presumably joking) stated that all Inhumans were left-handed.[16]

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