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Quote1.png I said I was sorry Medusa. I was just tapping my hoof to music! How was I to know the building was so flimsy! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Return to Earth!"

The Inhumans return to Earth in New York City to warn the planet of a sinister Kree plot. Unfortunately the Coast Guard panics and begins shooting at the Royal Family. The group quickly are on the run from the authorities in the city. They take refuge at at Madison Square Garden rock concert. Unfortunately Gorgon gets excited and starts tapping his hoof which causes the ceiling to collapse.

In the interim, to punish the Inhumans for their interference, the Kree have projected the essence of their assassin the Persuer into the nearest body on Earth. The projection animates a cockroach into a full-sized Kree Persuer. The Perusuer finds the Inhumans and defeats them with his power lance. However, Falzon commanders some pesticide from a local abandoned truck and sprays the Persuer sending him into a death-like coma.


  • This issue features a letters page, Black Bolt's Bulletins. Letters are published from Chuck Mabry and Larry Cummings.

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